CSGV “Swatting” Program Gets Mainstream Attention

Love 2 Hate

We wrote a few weeks ago about CSGV’s call for its members to call 911 if they spotted someone carrying a gun concealed or unconcealed, and how it showed the CSGV was really no more than a radical hate group hiding itself behind a cloak of peace and love. Now that story seems to be getting a fair amount of mainstream attention thanks to the issue being highlighted by Fox News. Miguel has a round-up of some of the reaction, including one woman who suggests faking a panic attack so she can later sue for emotional trauma. Yeah, why don’t you try that and tell us how it works out for you.

I’m glad to see Bob Owens joining the call the contact their coalition members and confronting them with some of the hateful and non-peaceable rhetoric they cultivate and promote. Demand to know why they support this. Note there are mainstream churches who are part of CSGV. If you’re a Presbyterian, Methodist, Jewish, Catholic, or any of the other religions represented, you have a right to demand answers over what is done in your name.

6 thoughts on “CSGV “Swatting” Program Gets Mainstream Attention”

  1. “Catholics” United is not a Catholic group. They are dissidents that openly disagree with the Church.

    They are no more Catholic than Westboro is baptist.

  2. Interesting that in the Fox article Ladd doubles down, and indeed claims that people open carrying ARE indeed a danger, and should have police called on.

    I wonder how long before Ladd pushes things too far?

  3. Didn’t they end up charging the asshole that called the police on the guy who was killed toting a BB gun in a Walmart?

    These dipshits are playing with fire, and don’t realize they are putting themselves at great legal risk.

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