Recycling News?

I was surprised to come across this article about Wal-Mart caving to the gun control groups on “default proceeds”, because I thought most dealers had stopped doing that a while ago. Then I noticed this:

The new Wal-Mart policy on gun sale background checks has won praise from Michael D. Barnes, president of the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence. He said the decision to err on the side of caution puts safety before profit — a policy that should be emulated by other gun dealers.

Barnes hasn’t been President since 2006. So is the media so hard up for news stories that they are recycling news now? For the curious, a “default proceed” is where the background check doesn’t come back. The law says in that case, after a three day waiting period, if the check still has not come back, you can proceed with the sale. Most dealers won’t process sales under these terms these days, so reading, I was surprised Wal-Mart hadn’t changed that policy long ago. Well, turns out they probably did.

3 thoughts on “Recycling News?”

  1. I think you’re assigning malice/incompetence/whatever to a person when the likely explanation is that the site accidentally republished an archived article.

  2. I don’t know about recycled, but this journalist is not too 2nd Amendment friendly.

    Here is his 15 minuters of fame”

    Seems not to be an automatic recycling of stroies, it just seems that when the local gun stuff is not happening organically in the news world, he will dig back into the archives to dredge something up to talk about. Here is an example of bringing back old local news wrapped in a news item from someplace else.

    Now I would expect this from some newsrom hack but Don Corrigan is the newspaper’s Editor-in Chief.

    So much for an unbiased media.

  3. You know this is a suburban St. Louis newspaper….I wonder if this guy will blow a gasket when then NRA visits next year. LOL

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