New Terminology

I don’t wish to paint all Democrats as gun hating losers, because there are a lot of good ones out there.  Like Jason Altmire and Dan Boren, for example.  So I have decided on declaring an Axis of Evil to exist within the Democratic Party, composed of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.  Henceforth known as the Obama/Biden/Pelosi Democrats.  These are the people who make nightmares for gun owners.  We have to fight these Democrats, and in doing that, we’re really going to need our friends in the Democratic party.

12 thoughts on “New Terminology”

  1. You can’t leave out my congressman, Travis Childers, that was the author of the DC gun bill. He’s only been in the house a few months, but already has a very pro 2A bill under his belt.

  2. I think you need to find an anti-gun Democrat that name ends in an E and call then NOPE Democrats. That would include Eleanor Holmes Norton, Obama, Pelosi, and whoever the E Democrat is.

    But I would sure hate to leave Carolyn McCarthy off the moniker.

  3. All Demonrats are evil. They all support a party which advocates the murder of the pre-born and the endorsement of sodomy and socialism.

  4. Because the pre-born cannot defend themselves with firearms we must defend them with our voices and our votes.

  5. They all do? That must be news to Bob Casey, who is pro-life. Also must be real news to Dan Boren, also pro-life. Travis Childers? He’s pro-life too. They do exist, just like the pro-gun Democrats. In fact, there’s often significant overlap.

    But you’re barking up the wrong tree. Abortion isn’t my issue, guns are. I actually don’t advocate making abortion unlawful, except for late term abortions.

  6. A couple points: 1. Just because you call yourself pro-life does not mean you are. For example, Casey voted against barring HHS grants to organizations that perform abortions. Since funds are fungible this essentially constitutes federal funding of abortions. 2. One should bear some degree of responsibility concerning the people you associate yourself with. I would not find someone who called himself a Zionist and belonged to Hamas to be very credible. I do not think there is any doubt that the Demonrat party is captive to the baby killing and sodomite lobbies and any true pro-life person in that party is blowing smoke and giving some degree of political cover to the vast majority of his colleagues who could care less about the pre-born.

  7. Only Obama, Biden, and Pelosi? I thought they were the party of inclusion and diversity.

    Sure seems this way on this issue. :-/

    Snark aside, agreed on your statement that there are some pro-gun dems. I grew up in Maine (quite a while ago now) and pretty much everyone was OK on guns. Way too many hunters not to line up behind the 2A.

    ‘Course, now I live in Massachusetts. :-(

  8. Re: abortion. Bob Casey certainly didn’t inherit his father’s guts. So far, he’s done exactly what Pelosi and Reid told him to do. And as far as pro-gun Dems, they exist. Except for two districts, advocating gun control is political suicide in Indiana, no matter which party you’re from. However, some Dems have the guts to stand up to the national party and say “no” (Baron Hill, who refused to go along with Clinton, and received no money or support for his re-election bid as payback), while others don’t. In Indiana, at least, those who don’t don’t get re-elected.

  9. By the way, there are plenty of reasons to dislike Baron Hill, but his sold stance on the 2A is not one of them. I thought I’d clarify that before somebody popped up and started in on his backtracking on fiscal issues.

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