Update in Nordyke

The Nordyke case was head a few days ago, right after the Peterson oral arguments concluded. This was the case over Alameda County banning gun shows on its property. Apparently now they are suggesting the gun show can continue as long as the guns are tethered to the tables. This seems reasonable to me, since many gun show operators around here tether the guns with a cable lock anyway. The San Francisco Appeal has more. This is an indication that the county doesn’t have much confidence in its case.

3 Responses to “Update in Nordyke”

  1. Ben Moser says:

    Of course the county doesnt have faith in their case. They are now forced into court where there is still some senblence of justice, even if it is Ca. When the govt pushes, We the People need to push back with the proper force to put them in their place. Be it by the court, or by force, it is after all Our country still and the 2nd amendment may soon requiered to reasert Constitutional law.

  2. Dannytheman says:

    Look at your spelling error. “The Nordyke case was head a few days ago, right after the Peterson oral arguments concluded.”

    I guess I am thinking Clintonian with “oral argument” and “head” in same sentence. Should be heard.

    And no I am not a grammar cop, by any means. Just a pig.

  3. Matthew Carberry says:

    When Nordyke is done Peruta can continue, they are waiting to see if the ruling has any additional 2A guidance.

    As it stands (as I understand it) the Nordykes have already secured a precedential ruling that the “rational basis” test is off the table for 2A issues impacting the core of the right.