Florida Cleared by Federal Court to Enforce “Docs v. Glocks” Law


The 11th Circuit has lifted the injunction on enforcement starting Tuesday. When this idea was originally proposed, I was against it, believing it would be a slam dunk First Amendment case. But as the medical establishment becomes more and more in cahoots with the ruling elite, to push gun control on the peasantry,  screw ’em. This is how the peasants punch back twice as hard. There’s one way doctors can prevent the proliferation of these laws, and that’s by getting the medical establishment out of political issues that have nothing to do with the practice of medicine, and have everything to do with using the stature and prestige of their profession to shame their patients into the adopting the progressive-left orthodoxy on how to live the good life. To the extent that these bills threaten the autonomy and speech rights of doctors, they have invited this on themselves.

7 thoughts on “Florida Cleared by Federal Court to Enforce “Docs v. Glocks” Law”

  1. Given that any EHR documentation of firearms ownership coupled with being treated for any mental illness, no matter how trivial or distant will later be grounds for confiscation, I have to agree with this 1A restriction. It has also been argued that this is a boundary violation because unless the MD has been trained with regards to firearms, their opinion is uninformed and ignorant.

    My trust that the government will not abuse medical information for its own political purposes is nonexistent. The ultimate goal of socialized medicine (i.e. Obamacare) is to control the citizens by threats of denial of services or by identifying undesirables for special treatment.

    Look at the USSR and its abuse of mental disease diagnosis for a foretaste of what they wish.

    1. Yeah, Obamacare changes the entire equation on this issue.

      What we are seeing is the power of the Deep State now being used by the Social Justice Warriors in their campaign to remake America and destroy us.

  2. I still can’t say I support this, but how does the saying go that we keep hearing from the antis?

    No right is absolute.

  3. To me, this isn’t about free speech. This is about a Doctor, with the power of the state through Obamacare, enforcing an unconstitutional restriction on a fundamental right. A Doctor can no more use speech in his position of authority to restrict my rights than a cop can.
    A cop cannot call me a racial slur, nor can a Doctor use his speech to place a note in my medical file that I am a gun owner, especially in light of the fact that those records now are kept by the Feds under Obamacare.

  4. The first amendment issue can easily be resolved. Simply allow the doctors to apply for a first amendment license, which involves a background check and four references that have known the doctor for a year or more. A nominal fee of $500 per year for administrative purposes. Each 1st amendment license may be granted at the sole discretion of the issuing authority and will be revokable at any time.

    Other reasonable common sense limits should apply too. For example, ban doctors from using hate words, and limit their sentences to no more than 10 words. Every instance of medical malpractice involved a doctor speaking 11 or more words, and 90% of americans want to solve this problem.

  5. It is my understanding that approximately 250,000 people die every year from medical mistakes. If this is accurate, then I would propose that putting in policies that would reduce that number by just 12.5% would save as many lives per year, as a total ban of guns would, assuming implausibly that a gun ban would actually prevent the murder and suicide of all those gun victims.

    Doctors and surgeons: if you really want to save lives, clean up your own acts! This will have far more significant impact than a silly gun ban that’s been proven, time and time again, to be ineffective!

  6. About time that you figured that the left will use anything to disarm us and using the excuse of mental illness is a problem.

    Having been asked the question from a pediatrician to my son I am very much against that question. It is required for doctors to ask that . So if it can be required to ask. We can get the government to ban asking that question. We have seen the CDC be used to go after guns and gun ownership. We know that anti gun activists have been using doctors and the medical establishment to be propaganda tools against us.

    That Florida law is a good start

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