Restaurant Carry a Reality in TN

The Tenneessee Senate has overriden the Governor’s veto, which makes me wonder what the Governor thought he had to gain?  Where are the folks cheering Governor Breseden’s “common sense?”  In fact, given that there were more votes for the override, it seems to me the Governor is losing friends.

When we were on our way down to Texas a few years ago, we stopped in to meet with SayUncle and the Instafamily at a local eatery.  Had to leave the guns in the car, even though neither of us had anything to drink.  Now, where do you think a gun is more likely to cause trouble: on the person who carries it, or in a glove box where someone could steal it?

5 thoughts on “Restaurant Carry a Reality in TN”

  1. This makes me happy.

    Breseden is currently deciding whether to sign at least two more firearms rights related bills:

    One to exempt arms manufactured in TN from federal law, and one to repeal the prohibition on carrying arms in state parks.

  2. Three, carl. one to remove the prohibition from off duty cops (who don’t have permits) from carrying where booze is sold. One of our smart ass reps decided he’d test that whole ‘guns and alcohol never mix’ thing Phil yammered on about.

  3. Thanks Uncle.

    And what’s that other one … something about removing a prohibition against carrying a loaded long arm in a vehicle?

    Guns and alcohol certainly don’t mix. That’s why I keep my guns in a safe, and my liquor in a cabinet.


    And I also carry about the house even when sipping on my favorite adult beverage. Why would a random home invasion be any less likely to happen when I have a glass of wine in hand? If some prosecutor were to have a fit about that, then I’ll face it if it comes. I am going to protect my home sober or slightly buzzed (I don’t tend to get intoxicated anymore).

  4. For that matter, where’s a deranged man desiring to kill some people going to attack (or where’s an armed robber going to rob)?

    In a restaurant where there’s a dense collection of people he knows can’t legally be armed…?

  5. From a poltical standpoint: This move by the governor of TN was critical blunder. I am sure all the polling data he got with it’s over- sampling of Democrats from the last election showed him that this was an issue he could look good from. Unfortunately, that was not the case- As you noted not only did he have his veto overridden, but he lost votes which shows which way the current was moving. In short, he lost moderate votes on this one, which is exactly what he did not want to happen. Being on the wrong side of history is one thing, but this is far worse. This is a graphic example of being so wrong that even in retrospect you will never be seen as right.

    Somebody should be fired over this……

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