Hollow Victory in North Carolina

A watered down gun bill is headed to the North Carolina Governor, but the Jim Crow era pistol permitting scheme will remain in place. The opposition in this case were the Sheriffs themselves, who are responsible for issuing the purchase permits. It’s always hard to overcome law-enforcement opposition to something when dealing with “law and order” Republicans. I don’t know the politics of North Carolina all that well, but I suspect if North Carolinians really want to be rid of this remaining vestige of Jim Crow, it may be necessary to buy off the Sheriffs. Remember that Clinton got his Assault Weapons Ban by buying FOP support in the form of federal money to hire 100,000 new police officers. Perhaps it’s possible to buy the support of the Sheriffs by throwing them a bone on another issue that’s important to them, or buying their support with cash to their departments from the state coffers. Without the sheriffs railing against the bill, a lot of those “law and order” Republicans will likely drop their opposition as well.

8 thoughts on “Hollow Victory in North Carolina”

  1. It’s not hollow. It could be better, sure, but it could always be better. Sometimes you throw for a first down, sometimes it’s 5 yards and a cloud of dust. But we’ve moved the ball forward and will keep moving it forward.

    The localities who are posting illegal anti-gun signs are going to get a wakeup call when we show them how the law will make clear that anyone affected by illegal signs can sue and get “reasonable attorney’s fees.”

    We get SBR hunting, shall sign NFA, a repeal of “gotta be a citizen to get a CHP. It’s movement in our direction, which is always good.

    1. Yeah, maybe that wasn’t quite the right headline. It’s worthwhile to move forward. But ending the purchase permits seemed like the prize to me.

    2. I’m with Sean – it’s a sizeable step forward. Be happy (enough).

      If I could be so bold as to add/extend Sebastian’s thoughts, I think the big hurdle of disappointment comes when those who claim to be for small government and individual rights refuse to get rid of an outmoded, racist law, just because armed government agents say they should not.

      And I think that is how I would frame it, were I one of those being represented by them.

  2. Change the benefits and incentiwes for the state reps. Primary them, if that does not work, find a third party candidate. You can always find someone else the next election cycle.

    If a candidate loses 10 or 20% of his supporters, he will change his ways if he is smart and wants to continue his career. And Yes, it is now a career.

  3. Have no knowledge about NC, however, here in Texas, the open carry and campus carry laws were opposed by the AFL-CIO police unions. They almost prevented advancement in Texas. However, they did not and do not represent the “rank and file” police officer only the political agents at the top.

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