Official Oppression Charge Spotted in the Wild

It’s rare you actually see a prosecutor bring the charge of Official Oppression, but they have done it Philly. The offense? A police officer who was flagged down by a woman picked her up and raped her in the back of his cruiser. Other charges stemming from the incident include 5 counts ranging from indecent exposure to rape.

7 Responses to “Official Oppression Charge Spotted in the Wild”

  1. dustydog says:

    The fact they are prosecuting him makes me think maybe he didn’t do it. When was the last time Philadelphia bothered trying to punish the guilty?

  2. Ed says:

    It is a shame a flash mob didn’t get him first.

  3. Dannytheman says:

    I hate stories that are poorly written.
    A woman out waiting for the bus at 3:00 AM? I have lived a long life but I have never had to wait at a bus stop at 3:00 AM..

    I’m thinking there is more to the story!

    • Bitter says:

      Oh, I have no doubt she was up to no good. But, that doesn’t mean that he gets to rape her in the back of his car, either. I mean, let’s face it, there is no circumstance in which any sexual activity in his cruiser while he’s on duty is acceptable.

  4. Chas says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “That’s outrageous! Our Marxist/warrior/hero/government agents should never be charged with such a nonsensical charge as ‘official oppression’! It’s their job to oppress people! Some people just don’t understand how totalitarianism is supposed to work.”

  5. irish red says:

    “I have lived a long life but I have never had to wait at a bus stop at 3:00 AM..”

    So, how early do you think should she have been home in order to not deserve the rape?

  6. Silverevilchao says:

    I’ve gotten home at 1 am before. Does that mean that I was “up to no good” or deserved to be raped?