A Good Weekend for NRA

Bitter and I were manning the NRA-ILA table in the NRA booth at the Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show this weekend.  It wasn’t a bad weekend for NRA.  Bitter and I signed up or renewed about 16 NRA members ourselves, but we were only taking overflow from the membership tables when the two full time staffers and two volunteers were too busy signing up other people to take any more.  We were there for ILA, and were trying to hand out political alerts, answer questions, and sign up potential volunteers.

NRA’s whole operation over the weekend did more than 600 new, upgraded or renewed NRA members.  This is at a show that most definitely favors hunters and anglers, so never let it be said that hunters are completely apathetic about their right to bear arms.  The show runs through next weekend, and we’ll be there working the booths next Saturday and Sunday as well.

Hopefully next weekend I’ll get more of a chance to look around.

8 thoughts on “A Good Weekend for NRA”

  1. Sebastian give it up. We all know you’re lying. The NRA is shedding members at an exponential rate because it’s a dying organization w/o any influence left. Just accept your fate and go join the AHSA.

    Authorized Journalists told me so so it must be true.

  2. Rumor has it someone was masquerading as me on Sunday!


    BTW, great to meet you in person. Also, how’d you guys do on ILA sign-ups?

  3. People just were not biting on the volunteer sign-ups on Sunday. We did talk to several people from Bucks, so that may lead to more information later. Unfortunately, we ran out of business cards for the EVC work. I’ll try to get more made this week if our printer isn’t too busy.

  4. It was good to meet you too. I masqueraded as you only for a few minutes. After that I was anonymous NRA volunteer, as the later badges didn’t have names on them

  5. Great job, guys! Any idea how the numbers compare historically? I know enrollment is up, but how much?

  6. No idea… I suspect it’s probably a good bit more than normal. At many times we were limited by the number of people we had around to process memberships.

  7. I suspect it’s probably higher than normal for that show, but I don’t have any data to back it up. What seemed to be scaring people the most is Obama’s support of massive ammo taxes and the ammo serialization legislation.

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