Right to Keep and Bear Knives

The Delaware Supreme Court has ruled that one can’t be charged for possessing a concealed knife or other weapon in one’s home if that weapon is possessed for a lawful purpose. I agree that the right to keep and bear arms is not limited to firearms, and should cover air guns, stun guns, knives, or any other weapon that has utility for defending oneself. Another interesting thing to note is that Delaware’s right to keep and bear arms provision is a recent one, having been passed in 1987. Anti-gunners keep telling us that the Right to Keep and Bear arms is an anachronism, but when put to the ballot, it seems to be a right the people still believe is important.

2 thoughts on “Right to Keep and Bear Knives”

  1. It should be pointed out that knife control laws have been with us for a long time; many of them in the US date from the post-Alamo Bowie knife craze.

  2. The knife thing makes me crazy. I carry a multitool everywhere I go, part of the curse of being a techie; I have no desire to hurt anyone, I just want to be able to fix problems. Nevertheless, here in Chicago, that makes me a problem.


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