Weekly Gun News – Edition 9


I don’t know about you, but days where the mercury tops 90 degrees, well, screw those days. This Friday, we have the annual company outing to Hershey Park, where highs are predicted to be in the mid-90s, with a heaping dose of humidity. I have no plans to visit the water park, but you won’t be able to tell, because I’ll either be covered in sweat, passed out, or both. I’m thinking I’ll be playing a lot of Skee Ball in the air conditioned arcade, and watching the sea lion shows. But enough about the weather, here’s some gun news:

Miguel on CSGV’s protest at the White House: “I have seen bigger crowds at hot dog stands.

Does MAIG even still exist? I thought Bloomberg deep-sixed MAIG because too many of its members were getting indicted?

Bernie Sanders is under pressure to cave completely on guns. If you look at polling, this would be a bad idea. Even though a majority of Democrats like them some gun control, it’s not an important issue, while about 20% of Democrats own guns, according to polling. The real number is probably a lot higher.

Los Angeles has banned “large capacity” magazines outright. Unfortunately the 9th Circuit already endorsed this.

I have to agree with Tim at Gun Nuts Media that “senseless violence” is a misused term.

WaPo: “Guntry Clubs Target a new Breed of Shooter.” I think we could use a “Guntry Club” here in Southeastern, PA. There are a lot of affluent shooters in the area. We also have a lot of clubs, so perhaps there isn’t the market I would think, but a lot of clubs have hopelessly broken cultures.

Shannon Watts doesn’t think it’s ever too soon to politicize a shooting. They have to reach people when emotions are still raw. Once they start thinking, support for their position drops.

Anti-gun politician shoots home invader. Laws are for the little people.

Eugene Volokh has another take on the ‘Docs v. Glocks’ law. I’m perfectly willing to cut a deal with doctors groups: I’ll respect their 1st Amendment rights if they agree to respect my 2nd.

Business Insider article paraphrased: “Cheer up, gun control people, it’s not as bad as it looks.” No, it’s as bad as it looks.

I see the old home town liberal rag hasn’t changed a bit.

Kurt Schlichter: “American gun owners are beginning to respond with a fresh, powerful argument when facing anti-gun liberals. Here it is, in its entirety. Ready? ‘Screw you.’ That’s it. Except the first word isn’t ‘Screw.’” We’ve won because we’re persistent. The rest of the center-right coalition could learn a lesson from that.

Second Amendment advocates “cowardly” and “soulless” according to anti-gun group. Even the media can’t understand that a person can both have sympathy for victims of a mass shooter, while also believing in a strong and robust Second Amendment.

An appeal has been filed to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to try to save Act 192, the enhanced preemption law.

Austin Bay: “To Counter Domestic Terror Attacks, Selectively Arm Military Personnel

NPR: “Flouting The Law, Some New Yorkers Won’t Register Guns.” Some? From the statistics I’ve seen, it seems it would be more accurate to say nearly everyone won’t.

Obama isn’t done with guns yet. I guess we could use another hundred thousand NRA members, and putting a few hundred thousand more ARs in civilian hands. Some extra motivation in 2016 couldn’t hurt either.

In other news, it’s Thursday.

Joe Manchin doesn’t think his bill has a prayer.

Here we go again with the tired and thoroughly debunked “Why don’t we treat guns like cars” argument again. One reason blogging gets tiring is the antis haven’t come up with any new arguments in like two decades.

TrackingPoint looks like it may be hackable.

SayUncle notes that the most segregated place he ever lived was South Jersey. That’s definitely true in the northeast. I’ve never heard of a Catholic neighborhood though, but if a neighborhood was an Italian or Polish neighborhood, it was pretty much Catholic by default.

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  1. On the NC Senator that shot the intruder, this was 5 years ago and the Senator was actually A rated by the NRA.

    N. C. State Senator R.C. Soles Indicted On Felony Firearms Assault Charge

    North Carolina Democrat State Senator R.C. Soles, Jr. has been indicted on a felony firearms charge of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious bodily injury. Soles is the State’s longest serving legislature member. The 74 year old Democrat could serve up to two years in prison if convicted.

    He is accused of shooting Thomas Blackburn, a 22 year old Raleigh resident, in the leg last August. Soles has characterized the shooting as self defense. The local District Attorney removed himself from the case because of close personal ties with Soles. The Attorney General will handle the case.

    Soles decided not to run for re-election because of the case making re-election more difficult.

    The shooting is the latest in many confrontations between Soles and young men who used to be his former….

  2. I read this post originally on Texas Gun Talk, written by the forum user renegade…

    …cars are only registered if they are to be driven on public roads. If you do not want to drive on public roads, no registration. And no legal restrictions in its design either. Jimmy Johnson’s #48 does not have to meet any Federal Laws, no emissions, crash testing, MPG, no 4473, no NICS, no restrictions on felons, stoners, etc, 800 HP and 200 MPH all 100% legal on private property. So to remain analogous that means MGs, Silencers, SBRs, etc, all 100% legal no registration or restriction of any kind if they are only used on private property.
    If you choose to register your car, then yes some legal restrictions apply, but in exchange for those restrictions we get registration and DL that are recognized as valid across all 50 states, and again, no waiting periods, BG checks, etc to register, and we get 50 state carry. And since you can drive onto POs, military bases, etc, we should be able to carry there too.

    1. Aaron,

      Slight refinement. You can “just drive” onto a few open bases, but most require a pass. You can walk into a Post Office, but you aren’t allowed behind the counter.

      My version is, “Carry everywhere the general public is allowed to enter or remain without special authorization.”

      That prevents the antis from a digressive argument about jails, employee’s only areas, nuclear missle silos and their usual nonsense.

      Post Offices and all federal/state/local office spaces and parking lots that serve the public in the course of normal business would thus be open to carry. Since most employee’s only and truly rationally considerable as “secure”areas actually already have locked doors, the antis can’t even claim some idiotic cost of securing them.

  3. Curtesy of Jay Bullock with his “treat guns like cars” post, we get one of the dumbest lines I’ve read from an anti:

    And before we get very far, let me remind you that, in fact, the word “regulated” appears in the Second Amendment. Indeed, it appears long before the word “arms,” suggesting the Framers’ opinion of the words’ relative importance.

    Did you know that the English language is structured so the most important words come first in a sentance? Who knew? Really, the most critical thing I get from Jay’s message is… “and”.

    1. Taking it further, we can see that the least important thing he had to say was “importance”- meaning what he had to say was meaningless. Maybe there’s something to this?

    2. Infringed right to bear arms shall not be, a militia well regulated necessary is.

      Too bad Yoda was not a founding father.

  4. I certainly wouldn’t mind a Guntry Club in SE PA, as long as there is an area where I can rapid-fire my firearms.

    1. I’ve been to one of the “new style” ranges (not the one in the WashPo article, but it’s on my list) and they were not interested in seeing a lot of the stuff you see at an old-school range: rapid fire was on the list of things that would intimidate new shooters so it was discouraged, but not outright prohibited.

      Also, “that guy” who always ambles up to the lady/new shooters to offer his well-worn advice (and gaze) is going to get ejected faster than a MAIG rally in the lobby. They had a simple rule: unless it’s a safety issue you mind your own business and leave everyone else alone.

      Refreshing, actually. I’ll note that this was not a mega-sized place but it’s in a nice area in Florida.

      There is also another gun store run by a woman who is opening a range in her existing Sarasota location. I found it by accident and called my wife from inside telling her it was literally the nicest gun shop I had ever seen in my life, by far. Large areas to sit and work, watch TV (Fox), talk; a solid line of accessories and clothing, many of which were not even gun related (jewelry, etc.). And lots of nice guns, including custom jobs. Staff was articulate and not afraid to say, “not my specialty, but let me make some calls.”

      When her range opens, we will be checking it out.

      I think we need about 2 million more like these places.

      1. I would like a rapid-fire area, simply so I could stretch the legs on my semi-auto rifles and Mad Minute my Lee-Enfield. I certainly like the idea of discouraging know-it-alls from offering unsolicited advice.

        I would love if they had a 2 gun match once a month. We do need about 2 million more of these clubs.

  5. Even As expected, the media can’t understand that a person can both have sympathy for victims of a mass shooter, while also believing in a strong and robust Second Amendment.”


  6. Re: SayUncle notes that the most segregated place he ever lived was South Jersey.

    I used to live in Linwood NJ, and in the original deed to the property there was a clause that the property was only allowed to be sold to a member of the Caucasian race.
    It was illegal to sell property to non-whites at the time!
    There was also a large and fairly active KKK presence there well into the 80’s. That’s 1980, not 1880 by the way. Unreal…

  7. Lower Providence Rod & Gun Club, in Monto, is the closest thing to a Guntry Club. Great facilities and a club that’s always spending money to add more and improve.

  8. Heritage Guild in Easton is a bit of a hike for you, but it’s a new, clean, store/range with a nice little rental book.

      1. Visit the range under NRA HQ sometime :)

        I’ve been there twice, and it’s amazing.

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