Looks like NRA is being proactive in clearing up the record on MAIG in the media:

MAIG opposed the Thune Amendment, which would have allowed concealed carry permit holders a chance to defend themselves outside their home states. If MAIG is only going after “illegal guns,” then why is it opposed to a self-defense measure for law-abiding people who have been through background checks and satisfied other law-enforcement prerequisites to get their right-to-carry permits? There is nothing “illegal” about the firearms these people own.

It’s good that NRA’s Public Affairs office is working the media, but it really makes more of an impact if individual members do it.

2 thoughts on “NRA LTE on MIAG”

  1. The failure of the Thune Amendment is a step forward for public safety.
    It is because of the second amendment and organizations like the nra that criminals and psychpaths are so well armed.

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