Too Fat to Be Governor?

Dave Kopel covers the latest in the New Jersey Governor’s race, and it may end up swinging on weight, namely Chris Christie’s portly proportions. I originally had a fair amount of optimism that Chris Christie’s campaign was going to pull it off, but the hope is rapidly dwindling as Corzine has narrowed and evened up the race. Corzine is outspending Christie three to one, and I just don’t see how that’s not going to help Corzine’s already surging numbers.

I’m not writing the Christie Campaign’s obituary yet, because when the race is close, it becomes a turnout game, and if Christie’s campaign has a strong turnout machine, they can win. But it’s very disappointing that New Jersey voters are shallow enough to give a governor they despise a second term, just because the other guy is fat.

3 thoughts on “Too Fat to Be Governor?”

  1. Not all NJ voters are shallow!! Christie’s not perfect, but he will be much, much better than Corzine. It’s hard to get conservative to be even competitive in Jersey (witness Lonegan), so we have Christie. Whatever size he is.

  2. You should read some of the NJ Dem/Progressive blogs, articles, and comments regarding Christie.

    It doesn’t seem that Corzine is gaining, it’s Dagget pulling the votes from Christie. Just like Nader did to Gore in 2000

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