More Guns are the Answer!

Mom's Demand AR-15s

So say Americans. We are winning this culture war, slowly but surely. My primary worry is increasingly becoming that we’re going to lose the White House in 2016, and thus lose the Supreme Court, in which case Heller and McDonald, if not outright overturned, will go the way of the Lopez and Morrison federalism cases. But other than that, I think things look pretty good for for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Unfortunately, I think everything else in this country is going to hell in a hand basket, so perhaps we are indeed to become a European style social democracy with guns. Well, at least until we run out of other people’s money. Then it will get…. interesting.

12 thoughts on “More Guns are the Answer!”

  1. I don’t quite have the fear (yet) that we’ll lose the White House this year. The Democrat candidates are lousy, while the Republicans have some potentially decent candidates themselves…and the campaign season is still very young…

    Having said that, the future is always murky, so it’s hard to say exactly what will happen….

    1. Before Trump I would have agreed with you. He is changing the dynamic of the race in a way which will make it very hard for Republicans to hold their coalition together. If Trump Ross Perots the eventual nominee, it will be impossible for the GOP to win.

      1. I would have to confess that Trump is the wildcard that makes it really hard to predict what will happen. So far, he should have “flamed out” twice…but there are hints that his willingness to be blunt and not back down have helped a couple of the other Republican candidates get a bit of a spine.

        Which makes me wonder about what his end-game is. If he strengthens the Republicans, was that his goal all along? Or is he the stalking horse that we suspect he is, and this Republican-strengthening merely unexpected backfiring? Or is he sincerely trying to become President?

        Also on my mind: even if Trump strengthens the other candidates, will it be enough?

        Having said this, while I appreciate some of the chaos he’s introduced into the campaign, I cannot stand the idea of Trump as President. I don’t know what I would do if he got the nomination…

  2. If we go by photos of candidate shooting firearms, Perry is the only candidate we can trust on the 2A. lol

    1. Trump is a symptom, not a cause, of the republicans problem.

      Bottom line, if they run someone weak again, they lose again.

      1. Exactly right. GHW Bush lost not because of Perot but because he was GHW Bush!

  3. And PA isn’t as doom and gloom as posted before. This governor appears that’ve done nothing but rally the conservative base. With the 2014 gains as well as special elections successes, the GOP holds a near veto proof majority on gun rights in the legislature now, too. Now what will they do with that?

  4. There is just as much chance of Bernie running third party as Trump. It will still be a Dem / GOP contest. And anyway… Ask Michelle Bachmann or Rick Santorum what having an early lead in 2012 got them.

  5. Hillary is already imploding – she is running the worst campaign ever. Webb is okay on the Dem side. Bernie isn’t that bad on guns either – just terrible on everything else.

    Way too early to worry.

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