Bryan’s Privilege

Bryan Miller is still pushing the notion that the 50 BMG and the rifles that fire it are menacing weapons of mass destruction in the bit I quoted the other day.  Let me quote for you a section, but please, go see for yourself, and comment:

Finally, I know you guys will never get it…that society has a duty and responsibility to mediate between individual privilege (in this case, the fun of firing a big gun) and public safety (the chance that hundreds or thousands could be injured or killed by one man with one of these massively destructive guns). In this state, you’re a tiny minority. Thank God. The vast majority of New Jerseyans value public safety over your fun. Get used to it.

Privilege?   Wait a minute, let me check my copy of the constitution again.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

Yeah, I was pretty sure it didn’t say privilege.  This is pure pants shitting hysterics folks.  I’m quite happy to live on this side of the river, where fewer people are buying this crap, and we’re not looking for ways to outlaw fun.

Go comment folks, if you can.  We can’t let their ignorance peddling, deceptions, and untruths go unanswered.   New Jersey may be a lost cause for shooters, but Pennsylvania is not, and Bryan is bringing that crap over here too.

Answer Me This

Been shopping around for some more .22LR, as I’ve been going through it like gangbusters lately.  Normally I shoot high velocity out of the 10/22, but I want to switch to standard velocity.  Main reason is accuracy.  With high velocity, shooting at 100 yards, you can get some buffeting on the bullet as it crosses the sound barrier on its way to sub-sonic velocities.  I don’t want to shoot match ammo, because it’s more expensive, and my shooting skills aren’t really worth match ammo.

But here’s a question.  Why, almost universally, is high velocity ammo copper plated, but standard velocity is just lead round nose.  Even the match ammo is just lead round nose.   I have no idea why this is.  Do any of you?

Blogroll Additions

I think it’s time to add a police blog category. Going in that are:

Support Your Local Gunfighter
Second City Cop
The Policeman’s Blog

Also adding to the gun blogger category:

The Conservative UAW Guy
The Madman Raves

If you’re on the roll, that does mean I read you regularly. The list of blogs is getting kind of long. And there’s more on the RSS feed that I don’t have linked. No worries though. I’m getting the whole blog reading thing into a routine. It’s a routine called skimming :)

July E-Postal Results

Conservative UAW Guy has the results. Came in third out of eight in class. Ahab beat my ass with his EAA Bounty Hunter by being a much better single handed shooter than I am. Billl only notched him by two. Denise shows that she’s quite the bullseye shooter, beating everyone by a hefty margin one handed shooting in the rimfire optics class. But it wasn’t enough to overcome Mr. Completely and his High Standard, who took the class overall.

Good shooting everyone! I anxiously await the next e-postal match. Remember, anyone can participate, and everyone should (even Macca).

You have to figure …

… that eventually, they are going to run out of people in Philadelphia who are worth shooting. 251 and counting.   Meanwhile city council members have the energy to worry about what SEPTA is painting on their buses, and the time to stop off and hurl profanities in my general direction.

Best 30 Bucks I Ever Spent!

I just signed up for trade discounts from MidwayUSA and Brownells, which should more than pay for the 30 dollar cost of the C&R FFL. Even though having a type 3 FFL increases your risk of a government anal probing, I think it’s well worth it for the discount, and being able to order C&R eligible firearms direct, at lower prices than you’d get from your corner gun store.

It’s one of the few beneficial upsides to these crappy laws: the C&R is a useful signaling mechanism to retailers that you take your hobby and sport seriously, and are likely to be a frequent customer. I certainly will start patronizing Midway and Brownells more than I have in the past, so it’s a good deal for all parties, I think.

More evidence …

… that we have the gun control movement in full retreat.  This is the time to be most vigilant, and stay in the fight politically.  Keep the NRA, and other gun rights organizations powerful, and well financed.  To use an analogy: the Civil War dragged on for years, largely because Union generals, even when they could beat Lee, never pursued his army and destroyed it, but allowed him to safely retreat.

With a number of gun control organizations currently on the ropes, and with a possible Supreme Court victory for the right to bear arms in sight, we are presented with an opportunity to pursue and defeat the gun control movement as we currently know it, but we can only do it if we stay strong, and united.

Via Michael Bane

Great Gun Buyback Tale

This is really one of the best tales of the gun buy back that I’ve seen.  Great job!  Philly, unfortunately, has wised up and stopped handing out cash.  They only hand out gift certificates to places I wouldn’t want to shop.  But in the hey day, they were offering up to 250 dollars for anything they considered to be an “assault” weapon, and I think 100 for a pistol, and 50 for a long gun that didn’t look scary.