What Lengths They Will Go To

It’s amazing what lengths the elite in Philadelphia will go through in order to justify turning the city into a low level prison for everyone, rather than identifying and locking up the people causing the trouble.  Hell, not even identifying.  We know who they are.  It’s just a matter of having the will to put them in prison and keep them there.

Banning certain types of alcohol sales has been a pet project of a lot of politicians in the City of Philadelphia for a while now.  In fact, back when I first got started, I pissed of City Councilmember Jim Kenney by accusing him of soft racism in trying to ban malt liquor ads from SEPTA buses.  Now I guess they will have an academic paper to back up the assertion that certain types of people just can’t handle alcohol, and have to have it taken away from them.

3 thoughts on “What Lengths They Will Go To”

  1. Ted Kennedy and family to the rescue! This time they can claim to be looking our for the little people too.

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