June E-Postal Results

We have the results for our June E-Postal Match, Silhuetas Metálicas.  Let me start off by apologizing to everyone for the extreme difficulty of this match!  I scored what I typically score during my IHMSA matches, which is about half the animals, so it was a good approximation of the sport to some degree.  Despite its difficulty, we have some shooters who would make pretty good silhouette shooters if they tried out an IHMSA match.

Class 1 – Rimfire, Iron Sights

Shooter Score Pistol
Sailorcurt 8 S&W 22A
David N 7 Ruger Single Six
Mr. Completely 6 High Standard 103 w/4.5” Barrel
Danno 41 Ruger 22/45
Merle 4 Ruger SSS .22 Mag
BillH 4 High Standard GB
Mr. Completely 3 Jennings J-22 .22LR2

1 Shot at 11 yards
2 An apt demonstration that Saturday Night Specials do have a sporting use, especially if you don’t mind running up really close to the target to “pop a cap” in the ass of the animal, which is about the only way you’ll increase the odds of hitting it. Still, I’d take a 3 shooting a SNS at 10 yards at those little things!

Class 2 – Rimfire with Optics

Shooter Score Pistol
Yuri 161 Ruger 22/45
Conservative UAW Guy 15 High Standard Supermatic Tournament
Mr. Completely 13 High Standard Supermatic Citation
Sailorcurt 11 S&W 22A
Sebastian 10 Ruger Mk.III Hunter 22/45
Merle 9 Ruger Mk.II
LouG 8 Magnum Research Picuda, .22LR w/ 3x Scope
USCitizen 3 S&W 22A
USCitizen 3 Ruger Mk.III

1Shot at 7 yards.  Because Yuri shot at 7 yards, I would consdier him to be tied for first with Conservative UAW Guy

Class 3 – Centerfire Iron

Shooter Score Pistol
Danno 71 Taurus PT-92
BillH 4 S&W Model 39 (.38 Special)
Merle 3 Enfield No. 2

1Shot at 11 yards.

Class 4 – Centerfire with Optics

Shooter Score Pistol
Merle 8 Dan Wesson 10” .357 Mag

Class 5 – Rimfire Rifle, Iron Sights

Shooter Score Rifle
David N 6 Marlin 39 Century Ltd.
Firehand 6 Martini Model 8

Class 6 – Rimfire Rifle with Optics

Shooter Score Rifle
Firehand 7 Remington 512 (4x Scope)
Merle 5 Marlin M39A
Danno 4 Ruger 10/22

Bonus Class – Masochist

Shooter Score Pistol
Mr. Completely 36 High Standard Supermatic Citation

Thanks to all who shot in this month’s match. I wish I could have shot in more classes, but time was limited because of Bitter’s moving in this month, and also, once I got to the range, I realized I had left the bolt to my rifle at home! Otherwise I would have shot Rimfire Rifle, Iron Sights with all you guys. Sailorcurt is hosting the next match. Good luck to all!

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  1. Thanks for dreaming up and hosting such a challenging match*. It was tough, but it was tough for everyone, so it really didn’t matter how difficult it was.

    It’s great to see a few new shooters participating, too!

    Mr. C.

    *(I WOULD keep out of dark alleyways in Reno at GBR-III, however, as several of the shooters are going to be there and you just never know………..)

  2. Just resent, hopefully won’t disappear into the black hole this time.

    Or is that now a racist comment? Outside of Dallas, I mean.

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