Last Weekend for Rifle Match

This will be the last weekend to shoot the Gun Blog Rifle Match.  Don’t worry if you’re last minute, I’m going to be shooting this weekend too.  Entries are due by midnight on the 21st, but I’ll make you all a deal — as long as you get me your entries before I post the results (which will take a week or so), I will continue to count them.

For the fall match, I’m thinking of doing a three position Kalashnikov match at 50 yards, in addition to bringing the smallbore match in to 25 yards this fall to bring in some more shooters to that category.  But before I decide to do a Kalashnikov match, I thought I’d check with folks to make sure enough of you actually own one.  Any Kalashnikov will do.  Any AK-47, AK-74, PSL, or RPK variants you want to shoot are fine.  We’ll be able to use standard steel cased ammo, so no one has to reload if they don’t want to.

9 thoughts on “Last Weekend for Rifle Match”

  1. How about a “medium-power communist gun” match, so you can let in people with SKSes as well. I might consider joining in if I can use my 59/66.

    Or maybe I should use this as an excuse to buy a Kalashnikov.

  2. If you have SR targets, then 200 yards works fine. Of course, if you want to shoot at SR-1 targets at 200 and handicap yourself, that’s fine too :) I’ll note the handicap.

  3. I shot two SR-C targets at 200 in offhand and rapid seated and got a 71 and an 85.
    The SR-42 (rapid prone) garnered a 81 and the slow-prone MR-52 picked up 165-2X…
    The black is about the same on each of them but goes from including the 9-ring to the 8, to the 7. I didn’t shoot as crappy as I though I would except in offhand which is always crappy.

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