One-Gun a Month in New Jersey

The Philadelphia Inquirer is running a puff piece on it today, with Bryan Miller’s big mug plastered all over it.  We’re also back to that “personal privilege” thing again:

“What we’re talking about here is some sort of balance . . . between the privilege of a tiny minority of handgun owners in the state and the common good of public safety,” Miller said. “We’re talking about a light burden, if any.”

Sorry Bryan.  Heller is over, and we won.  It’s not a privilege anymore.  That means the burden is now on you to justify restricting my constitutional right.  If you can provide any evidence at all that one-gun-a-month works, I’d be happy to listen, but the evience seems to suggest it has no effect on crime, just like every other gun control law.  Governor Corzine also asks the wrong question:

“How many guns does somebody need to purchase in a month?” Corzine asked.

I don’t have to justify anything to you, Governor.  Your job is not to treat all citizens as criminals because some people are irresponsible.  The solution is to put violent people in prison, rather than to turn the society at large into a prison.  This proposal does the latter.

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  1. Did you forget to insert a link to the Inquirer story, Sebastian? It would have made it easier to read first-hand that way.

  2. I try to be objective …

    But after seeing Miller in that interview with Melanie Hain, and after hearing about his backstage comments, accusations, and rantings, I just have a hard time not dismissing the guy outright.

    But that still doesn’t mean his ability to sway others is diminished.

    There are two primary reasons you folks in NJ don’t want this law:
    1) Because the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, and
    2) Because one-gun-a-month restrictions have not been demonstrated effective in reducing crime

    Such laws are simply another of a thousand cuts by people like Miller, who simply hate guns, and simply hate people who own guns.

    Stop this thing dead.

  3. Thanks for the link, Sebastian. I couldn’t stop from laughing when I read one of the comments below on that page regarding the picture of Bryan Miller. It was comparing him to Bozo the Clown and asking whether we should be trusting our freedoms to such a character as that. I’ll have to admit with his hair, nose, and mustache in this picture, Bozo came to mind for me right away too.

    I did not get to see this exchange Bryan Miller had with Melanie Hain. Is there anywhere online that has a video of it, or even a transcript of what was said? I already tried to find it on Youtube once, but I didn’t find anything.

  4. Navy Vet, I viewed it here:

    This is what Melanie posted (on open carry forums) regarding the dynamic before the news interview:

    Of course I open carried. When Bryan Miller walked into the green room I was in there with one of the staff members who introduced us. The first thing out of Bryan’s mouth was “did you bring your gun?” and I said “yes of course”. He said “what a jerk!” I said “why thank you Bryan for bringing your true colors to share with us today.” Steve (staff member) says “what? what did you say to her?” and he says “I called her a jerk! She’s a jerk!” and Steve said “there’s no reason for that. it’s her right” and Bryan cuts him off and starts YELLING “what right? she has no right! There is NO SUCH RIGHT!” at which point Steve says to me “let’s go in here and talk” and he takes me to another room…..

    So we talk in another room and he assures me that Lynn will not allow personal attacks. I told him it would be fine for him to call me a jerk on camera. The viewers should see him for who he really is and how he really talks to people. He asked if I was ok with going back in the room alone with him and I said I wasn’t afraid of him but that I preferred not to be left to talk with him so if they had another room for me that would be better. I said I didn’t want to have discussion that should be saved for the show. I was taken to another room and shortly before the show started Lynn came and assured me that she had given Bryan a talking to and told him he was not to attack me. ROFL! PRICELESS!!!!

  5. It’s none of Jon Corzine’s business if someone wants to purchase more than one gun a month. It’s not up to what someone’s thinks is right it’s a personal liberty issue just like abortion is. Why doesn’t he institute one abortion a year? The state doesn’t need any new anti-gun laws to combat the lawless they simply need to enforce the laws they already have. Tougher gun-control laws don’t work and are not the solution to violent crime. If you want to stop the killing, then you’ve got to make criminals pay the penalty. Experience show time and time again that criminals don’t obey laws. We don’t need more laws. We need to lock up the criminals using existing state laws.

  6. It should come as no surprise that the Inqy is in the bag for all things gun control. As bad as they’ve been, even I didn’t know that Chris Satullo, the Editor-in-Chief (ex?) of the Philadelphia Inquirer is a personal friend of Bryan Miller and wrote a heart-wrenching (read: vomit inducing) ode to him and the tragic loss that propelled him down the road to his gun-control insanity. The Philadelphia Inqurirer Delenda Est.

  7. If there is one thing that Bryan Miller and Jon Corzine have in common, it’s their tendency to bandy about the phrase “common good” in their rhetoric. Wasn’t that a phrase often found in the writings of Karl Marx too? We all know how the Marxists have been disarming entire populations ever since 1917.

  8. It was Karl Marx who said “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good”. Hillary Clinton echoed it in the 90’s. These people should run for office in China. Let freedom ring.

  9. This is to Carl in Chicago:

    Thanks for sharing the link to the video of Melanie Hain’s encounter with Bryan Miller. That was the first time I ever got to really see how this guy presents himself.

    Needless to say, Bryan Miller did not impress me whatsoever. All he did was spout off a bunch of nonsense to make his arguments, like saying that some study found that that are a lot of felons in Texas who got CCW permits, and that the shooting incident at the Appalachian School of Law was not halted by private citizens with their own firearms, when in fact it actually was.

    Bryan Miller also claimed that the shooter in South Carolina who killed a trick-or-treater kid last Halloween was a law-abiding citizen, when in fact he was a drug dealer and a felon who was possessing a gun illegally. He also cited the tragic incident of the boy who fatally shot himself at a machine gun shoot in Massachusetts. I’m sure that boy’s parents would be thrilled to now know that Bryan Miller exploits their son’s death to advance his own agenda.

    Bryan Miller is such a typical gun grabber in my eyes – a total tool and nothing more. With the right application of grease paint he’d look just like Bozo the Clown, except nobody would be laughing at what he would likely have to say about our gun rights.

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