Time to Renew FFL

It’s time to renew my C&R FFL with ATF. Best 30 dollars I ever spent, even if only to qualify for the dealer discount at Midway and Brownells. But it’s nice being able to get guns delivered to your door, which I’ve done a few times in the three years I’ve had the license. Actually, they don’t really come to your door unless your home, since almost all of them come adult signature required, requiring a trip down to the local UPS depot to pick up. One time I did come home to find an overnight package in the door, with a nice pistol inside it. I was relatively appalled they sent that standard overnight rather than requiring a signature. Didn’t deal with that vendor again.

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  1. I have had UPS leave many a rifle or parts at my door. They rarely wait for a signature. Only once lately when they had the wrong address and then they called and were given the right address.

  2. I’ve resisted getting a C&R license, mostly cause I don’t want the record keeping burden. But the idea of saving significant amounts of money is certainly appealing.

    How can I check the price difference at Brownells or Midway between having a C&R and not?

  3. Just got word from a very nice young lady at ATFE that my C&R ffl is going out in the mail on Monday! Yay!


  4. I’ve been given to understand (and this was via a job where we sent out pharma sales reps’ laptops when they ran over them) that UPS Signature Required is actually discretionary to the driver; whereas FedEx is not. This did not stop the pharma from a) using UPS or b)not additionally insuring the package!

    Hearsay when I heard it, admittedly.

    I’m currently tempted to get a C&R just to be able to evade NJ’s one-gun-a-month…

  5. Countertop, as far as I know, the only way to see MidwayUSA and Brownell’s dealer pricing (which includes C&Rs) is to have a dealer account to log into on their websites. How much you save varies from item to item; I suppose the discount has some relation to what their usual margin on the item is. I’d probably be violating some kind of fine print if I posted dealer prices for some items here, but let’s just say that on some things, like AR uppers and 1911 magazines, the savings can be quite substantial, though on other things like optics it isn’t all that much.

    As far as record keeping goes, for each C&R eligible gun, you have to record the make/model/serial, where and when you got it, and when and to whom you sold it if you sell it. You should already be keeping a record of your guns serials in case they are ever lost or stolen, so it’s really hardly any more work. For the amount of money that I save, I can easily afford to spend 30 seconds of my time recording each purchase in my bound book.

  6. I used to ship a fragile piece of recording equipment via UPS occasionally. Even though we were the manufacturer, I insured it for $16K everytime it shipped because it was the only one in the US. I quit shipping UPS when I saw the UPS driver hold the box like it was a football and throw it hard into the back of his truck.

  7. glnts, that’s not just UPS. FedEx workers occasionally kick boxes down the conveyor at the hub. Crappy employees are found everywhere.

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