Colt 45: “It Works Every Time” …

… to piss off politicians and community leaders who need to learn to mind their own god damned business.

Given all the problems the city has with, you know, murders happening at least once a day, most of the times more, you’d imagine city council didn’t have time to worry about this:

The ads for Colt 45 malt liquor are wrapped over two SEPTA buses, top to bottom. The buses are being deployed each day on different routes so they get to all parts of the city and suburbs.

Fine with me. I don’t drink the swill, but if it helps offset my tax dollars going to fund SEPTA, I’m all for it.

“People have been fighting these take-out beer delis for years now. And now, to reinforce it on a SEPTA route that this is an acceptable product and behavior, I don’t think is appropriate for a government agency to be doing.”

As someone who frequents take out beer delis, Councilman Kenney, you can go to hell. It’s already hard enough to get decent beer in this state. Plus, let me ask the Councilman this: if it was white people who liked to drink Colt 45, would you care? No? I wouldn’t want to accuse you of engaging in masked racism or anything.

Jim Kenney is another boneheaded politician who needs to stop pretending his constituents are children and unable to make their own decisions in life. I think Billy Dee Williams needs to come to Philly and personally kick his ass.

UPDATE: Councilman Kenney, or someone claiming to be him, at least, responds Philly style in the comments: “F*** you.”

UPDATE: It’s him.  The referrer comes from the Vitetta group, who Kenney is associated with, according to this post.  While I’m honored to have The Councilman come visit my blog, you’d think they’d be more concerned about the fact that their city is currently circling the bowl, than with whatever I’m saying :)

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  1. “F*** you.”; that’s probably considered intelectual discourse in his circle of friends.

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