Vintage Shooting Gear & Books

Consider this the “non-shiny” edition of my Esty search for random cool gun-related items. It’s a good thing that ordering online with the need to pay for shipping makes me stop to think twice before breaking out plastic. Otherwise, the vase would totally be on our mantel. Not everything in this gallery is vintage, but some of it dates back to the 1920s.

Stores featured in this gallery include: GransTreasures, Six Pack Vintage, The Hunter’s Treasure, Vintage Vinyl and Books, JOOL-AHOLIC, Fine Old Things, Eternal Art, Take Flyte Farm, Mikesalvage, Bullet Designs, Yonks, Dragstrip Dolly and Cluttered Mind.

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  1. You can still win cool and elaborate Swiss shooting medals if you can find a Swiss club and participate. There’s a prominent Swiss club down south of here in Gonzales.

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