Brownells Will Be the Ruin of Me

I spent a good deal of time last night playing with their AR builder, and I have to say, it’s a great idea.  Brownells should really take time to make a better web site too, which has been one of the reasons I’m not a more loyal customer.  MidwayUSA’s web site is just a lot easier to use, and more useful.  Nonetheless, Brownells will end up getting some of my money for this, maybe a lot of my money.  Here’s what I configured last night:

Dream AR

You can click to get a bigger picture. This assumes I can either buy through an FFL, or make my own AR-15 Lower Receiver. I didn’t include that in the price, though I put a lower on there just to make it look OK. It’s not included in the price tally. My only complaint about the configurator, other than the fact that it will quickly drain my wallet, is that when choosing a barrel band for the front sight, it won’t put itself in the right spot, and I think the picture showing on there is upside down. I also wish you had links in the inventory list, so you could easily review your list to make sure you know what you are getting. Other than that, this is a highly innovative idea on the part of Brownells, and I have to commend them for it.

11 thoughts on “Brownells Will Be the Ruin of Me”

  1. Looked like more a longer range varmint gun. A bigger scope would render iron sights useless. Need more mounting space up front. My $0.02.

    btw, i cannot for the life of me get the delete part thing to work. drag stuff to trash can and it reappears on the rifle.

  2. Can you give a shout out to Joe Biden with this page? He is the original author of the Clinton-era AWB, as he proudly pointed out during that Youtube debate on CNN last year.

  3. Sebastian, New website is promised for June 09, but we’re on our second group doing the programing, or whatever they do. I know nothing about the web process so don’t understand what it takes. As far as the trash goes, I was playing at the SHOT show and it took very careful positioning of the cursor to get the trash can to light up and take the product. Keep telling us about the bugs, I’ll forward to the web guy.

  4. Larry was out at the GBR with us two years ago, and went this year too (though, I didn’t make it this year). So he’s familiar with blogs and bloggers.

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