Turning up the Heat

Robb thinks it might be time to start talking with H-S Precision’s retailers:

However, we need to apply pressure to other dealers who might sell their product. I purchase practically everything I need for shooting from Midway USA. They have been a company that has been very supportive of the shooting sports, and I don’t plan on boycotting them any time soon since it’s not their problem that H-S Precision has an IQ slightly above room temperature butter. However, they do sell H-S Precision gear.

While I have absolutely no desire to stop shopping at Midway, I do plan on writing a letter ensuring that they are aware of the H-S Precision brouhaha.

I also buy a lot of stuff from Midway.  I think a letter is worthwhile.  I wouldn’t go so far as to call for a boycott of anyone selling H-S Precision products just yet.  If we don’t buy their products, then MidwayUSA, etc, will stop selling them because they don’t sell.  I do think, however, that Midway should be aware of what H-S has done, and that you, a big customer of theirs, won’t buy their products.

5 thoughts on “Turning up the Heat”

  1. I’ve met the owners of Midway USA. They are IDPA shooters, 2nd Amendment suupports and strong NRA backers. I strongly doubt they would support HS Precision, nor carry their products much longer.

  2. Larry Potterfield seems like a very straightforward guy; I’m sure he’d respond positively to the concerns of gun owners.

  3. I sent a letter to Mr. Potterfield and placed an order. Bit of carrot and stick if you will.

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