July E-Postal Results

Conservative UAW Guy has the results. Came in third out of eight in class. Ahab beat my ass with his EAA Bounty Hunter by being a much better single handed shooter than I am. Billl only notched him by two. Denise shows that she’s quite the bullseye shooter, beating everyone by a hefty margin one handed shooting in the rimfire optics class. But it wasn’t enough to overcome Mr. Completely and his High Standard, who took the class overall.

Good shooting everyone! I anxiously await the next e-postal match. Remember, anyone can participate, and everyone should (even Macca).

4 thoughts on “July E-Postal Results”

  1. Click your link to Ahab’s site. Somehow you managed to mistype his address and NOT hit a Pr0n site or a domain squatter. :P

  2. You beat me dude, but at least I didn’t get beat by a French guy :)

    But seriously, most European shooters take their sport pretty seriously. I think you almost have to in order to navigate the red tape. I’ve looked at other postal match results where Swiss shooters totally dominate.

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