CCI Standard Velocity Doesn’t Suck

After some recommendations from my readers, I ordered some CCI Standard Velocity .22LR to try out in my Ruger 10/22.  I took it to the range today, and after zeroing the scope in for this round (it drops a bit lower than high velocity), I managed to do some better shooting than I did with the cheaper stuff.

NRA standard 100 yard large bore target, at 100 yards, bench position.  Two targets, string of ten in each.  First target 97/100.  Landed three in the 9.  Second target, 94/100, landed four in the 9, and 1 in the 8.   The difference between this and last time isn’t really that much, but when I missed, I knew I missed before I even saw where the shot went in the scope.  Last time, I was missing shots that my gut told me should have gone into the ten rings.  With the better ammo, when I missed, I felt the miss.  So I’m happy about that at least.   To me that says I’m working within the limitations of me rather than my ammo.  Now I just need to work on getting that perfect 100.

5 thoughts on “CCI Standard Velocity Doesn’t Suck”

  1. Not sure if your 10/22 has been tricked out or not. When mine were stock, the best they’d do was a 10-round group around 1 1/2 inches at 25 yards. After I tricked them out with target barrels, target stocks, target hammer & sear, extra power hammer spring, titanium firing pin & extractor, shimming the hammer & sear, I couldn’t believe the difference. I can now put 6 our of 10 rounds into the same ragged hole at 50 yards. They like Eley Tenex the best, but do almost as well with Green Tag. All are standard velocity (subsonic) target rounds. And the Leupold 4x rimfire special scope didn’t hurt either.

  2. I’m going to fix the BSA scope deal. I would like a scope I can crank up to 200 yards without having to whip out a screwdriver.

  3. Sorry, I was referring to tricking out the trigger group and bolt. My bad.

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