June E-Postal Results

First, my apologies for taking so long to compile the results of the June match.  This was a tough one, designed to separate the men from the boys, and it worked pretty well.  I had Mr. Completely tied with .22 Scoped, and I knew I had to take one of the planes hidden in the wing area.  I put those there specifically to tempt.  I figured I was going to beat Mr. C, or I was going to go down in flames.  I took the shot, pulled it, and hit my own plane; down in flames.  Ended up with 18, rather than the 24 I would have gotten had I hit.  Mr. C played it safe, and that ended up being the winning strategy.  I did manage to tie Mr. C with an air pistol, but since I did not announce an air gun category ahead of time, and because the rimfire category is harder, Mr. C. is the overall match winner.

I have to admit a great deal of admiration for the folks who chose to take this on with a centerfire pistol.  This was definitely a rimfire match!  Really, without doing a taco hold, this match was going to be rough.  The planes being small and oddly shaped makes knowing the best place to aim difficult.

Overall Match Winner: Mr. Completely

Class I – Rimfire Iron Sights

Shooter Pistol Planes Hit Ace Bonus Penalty Hits Total
Merle Ruger 9 1/2 SSS Conversion 6 5 0 11
True Blue
Ruger Super Single Six 6 5 1 6
Merle Ruger Mk.II 6 7/8 6 5 2 6
Class Winner: Merle

Class II – Rimfire Scoped

Shooter Pistol Planes Hit Ace Bonus Penalty Hits Total
High Standard w. 4×12 Scope 13 10 0 23
Sebastian Ruger Mk.III Hunter 22/45 13 10 1 18
Winston Ruger Mk.III 11 10 10 11
Danno Ruger 22/45 6 5 3 6
Class Winner: Mr. Completely

Class III – Centerfire Iron Sights

Shooter Pistol Planes Hit Ace Bonus Penalty Hits Total
Azreel Para Ordinance 1911 .45ACP 6 5 3 6
Azreel FN Five-Seven 5.7x23mm 5 5 1 5
Ian Argent Glock 17L 5 5 4 5
Class Winner: Azreel

Bonus Class – Air Pistol Iron Sights

Shooter Pistol Planes Hit Ace Bonus Penalty Hits Total
Sebastian Crosman 2300S .177 cal 13 10 0 23
Class Winner: Sebastian (by default)

Thanks to everyone who participated! If there are any errors or corrections, let me know.

4 thoughts on “June E-Postal Results”

  1. This was a great example of why the e-Postal matches are so much fun. The creativity and challenge of some of the matches have been truly excellent, including this one. Incorporating the “High Risk/High Reward” element adds something you don’t find in most target shooting. Great job, thanks for hosting the match!!

    …… Mr. C.

  2. Damn – maybe I should have figured out a way to shoot rimfire with the Ruger Mk.1 that was my first exposure to pistols. (I did one string with my wife’s P22 and did MUCH worse than I did with my Glock). Sadly, the Mk.1 was 200 miles away.

    Take-home lesson for me. Barrel length (and thus sight radius) is important – I did MUCH better with the G17L than I did with my wife’s P22 (even though it was the long barrel version). Familiarity with the Glock helped as well.

  3. Eh, I tried it. The results were laughable. I think the only target I’ll be shooting for awhile is one of the training ones that tells me what I’m doing wrong!

  4. I do have one correction. My score for the Ruger MK 2 was a scoped entry, but sadly I did worse with the scope. I guess I could see myself wobble too much.


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