You have to figure …

… that eventually, they are going to run out of people in Philadelphia who are worth shooting. 251 and counting.   Meanwhile city council members have the energy to worry about what SEPTA is painting on their buses, and the time to stop off and hurl profanities in my general direction.

3 thoughts on “You have to figure …”

  1. I’ve posted articles showing that the Philly PD’s buildings are falling apart and they just had a judge get indicted for being a slum lord besides the recent police shooting that had over 100 rounds fired and less than 25 hits at shorter than 30′.

    But they’ld rather bitch about the busses and surf the net for mentions of their names.

  2. It’s nice to know that all Councilman Kenney can come up with is a hardy “fuck you.” Not “data shows XYZ occurs when alcoholic beverages are advertised on buses” or even a “I don’t like government agencies being used as billboards for liquor.”

    Nope. Fuck you. Nice job, Mr. Kenney. You’ve shown me you must have been a master debator (or is that masturbator?) in high school.

  3. Reminds me of a book (Hardwired by Walter Jon Williams for those interested) where they had a lottery on the daily totals. Maybe Philly should start one, and any funds generated go towards the police departments.

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