Bryan’s Privilege

Bryan Miller is still pushing the notion that the 50 BMG and the rifles that fire it are menacing weapons of mass destruction in the bit I quoted the other day.  Let me quote for you a section, but please, go see for yourself, and comment:

Finally, I know you guys will never get it…that society has a duty and responsibility to mediate between individual privilege (in this case, the fun of firing a big gun) and public safety (the chance that hundreds or thousands could be injured or killed by one man with one of these massively destructive guns). In this state, you’re a tiny minority. Thank God. The vast majority of New Jerseyans value public safety over your fun. Get used to it.

Privilege?   Wait a minute, let me check my copy of the constitution again.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

Yeah, I was pretty sure it didn’t say privilege.  This is pure pants shitting hysterics folks.  I’m quite happy to live on this side of the river, where fewer people are buying this crap, and we’re not looking for ways to outlaw fun.

Go comment folks, if you can.  We can’t let their ignorance peddling, deceptions, and untruths go unanswered.   New Jersey may be a lost cause for shooters, but Pennsylvania is not, and Bryan is bringing that crap over here too.

6 thoughts on “Bryan’s Privilege”

  1. This is why the far left humors me everytime it opens its mouth or puts something in print. They have the belief the Constitutions is full of privileges and not rights. Especially, if it does not fit into it’s all inclusive idea of it.

  2. Just FYI (because I believe in honesty more than “my side wining”), you can easily buy AP/Incendiary rounds on the Internet. Just go to and you can find 100 rounds for about $450. From a reloading perspective, I could never find just the bullets but (duh me) never thought about buying the whole thing.

    I have no need for a .50 BMG. Very few places near me (and near means an hour drive) to shoot it, and I just don’t have the cash to afford the rifle and $4.50 every time I pull the trigger.

    But damn if these bastards don’t make me *want* one.

  3. I asked him to provide the results of the testing his group did to show that Trinity Rail was lying like he alledged. He came back w/ a mention of some fluff piece from 60 minutes about shooting at a metal plate. I’m sure it’s completely legit in the anti’s world to compare a metal plate to a rail tanker.

    He’s just upset because nobody cares about his new Joyce Foundation sponsored website.

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