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Where Do These People Find Me?

That’s a whole lot of crazy right there. You could bottle that as crazy concentrate right now. No need for a vacuum evaporator, or any special processing. Blog long enough, eventually you’ll think you’ve heard it all, and then someone will come along and prove you wrong.

Now This is Reloading

An Alabama company will turn your loved ones into ammunition. I kid you not.

Einstein or Marylyn Monroe?

Go have a look at this image, and then take off your glasses. This has been making it’s way around, and I thought it was pretty neat. I’m not actually near sighted enough without glasses that I see the alternate image, so I had to blur my eyes a bit.

I don’t care what your mama’s thinkin’…

everybody knows that beer ain’t drinkin’.

This was apparently official policy in Russia until just now.

Jesus Saves at Walmart

Apparently Jesus has appeared to a South Carolina couple’s receipt from Walmart. What I want to know is how they know it’s Jesus, and not Grigori Rasputin?

Something that Bothers Me

We watched The Parking Lot Movie the other day on Netflix. Now, I love my Netflix for these oddball documentaries. (That and bad sci-fi, but that’s not relevant to this post.)

But something has nagged at the back of my mind for a while. One of the employees admitted that he would arbitrarily charge different prices to different customers regardless of how long they parked because of judgements he would make on their personal status in life.

I realize that as a parking lot owner, you’re probably not that concerned about lawsuits, but having an employee admit it, and then say that he gave the company all of the extra profits from these duped customers, that just screams bad news all around. There’s just something about that admission that doesn’t sit well with me, even though I don’t think I’d fall into the categories of people the guy would charge double the actual fees.

I do recognize that there are plenty of circumstances where people pay different prices for the same goods or service even from the same company – airline tickets or anything from Amazon are the first things that come to mind. But when there’s a posted uniform rate agreed upon at the time you park and then an employee makes a snap decision that isn’t based on time, service, or demand, but on personal traits he doesn’t like in customers, that doesn’t really seem kosher. Is it lawsuit worthy? At the very least, it seems like it wouldn’t be worth the hassle to park there since you never know when the parking lot attendent will have his panties in a twist over something you may have done that offends him – like breathe.

Another thing that stands out is that they described the hiring process which is essentially, “I know a guy.” Okay, that’s fine. Except there were no female employees at all. God forbid if a woman ever applied for a job there and was turned away. I guess what bothers me is that the parking lot featured (in Charlottesville, Virginia, btw) really put itself out there to advertise shady business practices and a hiring process that may not be on the up-and-up. This doesn’t seem like something most small business owners would actually want to do.

Maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps the parking lot in the movie has had even more business than ever. I admit to being thoroughly entertained by the documentary, I’m just not sure that I actually trust anyone associated with the business not to rip me off even if I play by all of the agreed-upon rules.

Giant Killer Plant Stalks New York

I have never heard of this weed until now, but apparently it is taking over New York:

This noxious weed has spread across the state, threatening humans with sap that causes severe burns, blistering, permanent scarring and even blindness.

No, it’s not Mayor Bloomberg, but Giant Hogweed. The Wikipedia description matches the article. I think we need to close the Giant Hogweed loophole and make sure that people on the terror watch list cannot buy this plant.

Grumpy Naked Old Men

I really have to wonder what goes through a person’s head when they decide to take it all off and showcase their goods to the neighborhood while sunbathing on their roof. I really, really want to know what goes through their head when that person is a 71-year-old man.

Not Something You Read Everyday

From a news report on a Pittsburgh apartment fire:

Once the fire fight was over, crews said they found a partially-damaged AK-47 assault rifle, which will be checked for proper ownership.

Officers said they will check to see if the alligator, which was unharmed by the fire, needs an exotic pet permit or if it already has one.

Well, okay then. Pretty sure ATF isn’t going to be able to trace the alligator though.

Nuclear Boy

I’m guessing this is the Japanese way of explaining to kids what’s been going on at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant:

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