First Person Perspective

When I was out in Hawaii, I decided to get one of these to film things I wanted a first person perspective for. It works, especially with a flip camera screwed on to it, but you have to position the hat just right. I’m a lot more impressed with Joe’s video camera glasses. Go see it in action on an IPSC stage.

I wish they made one that would clip to an existing pair of prescription glasses. I could shoot with uncorrected camera glasses on, since my uncorrected vision isn’t that awful, but obviously seeing clearly is better.

2 thoughts on “First Person Perspective”

  1. Contact lenses?

    I couldn’t imagine wearing glasses every day – especially shooting, since I would need yellow, amber, smoke, and clear – all prescription.

  2. Get the Flip Video wide angle lens adapter from Bower and the field of view won’t be an issue! You won’t have to fool around with the hat position at all. That’s what I did and it works great. Some cameras just have a narrower field of view than others, so it really depends on which camera you use with it. Hope this helps!

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