11 thoughts on “Where Do These People Find Me?”

  1. Better be careful, though: if you start selling the crazy commercially, even though it is hand-bottled artisan crazy, the health department is going to make you get a $40,000 pasteurizer.

    And we all know that pasteurizing crazy changes the taste.

  2. I had recently sent a notice about a blog-post I had written; I’d expected some commentary on it, but since I hadn’t seen anything, I thought that at best, my post was viewed to be amusing but not enough to be mentioned.

    Thus, when I saw the title of this post, I thought “Are you talking about me?!?” I was relieved to learn that it was a crazy comment that inspired this post. :-)

    As for the comment itself–I would hazard to guess that Pilgrims Pride is trying to say that things are bad, but we shouldn’t resort to drinking or drilling holes in our head to ignore the problems–we’re going to need as many of our mental facilities as we have, if we’re going to make it.

  3. “I must have missed your post. My sebastian mailbox gets a lot of e-mail, so it’s easy to miss things.”

    Now that you mention it, the thought crossed my mind–even before I sent the e-mail–that it could get lost in a full in-box…such is life, though.

  4. Quite a bit of the support for state-run alcohol distribution schemes (and opposition to privatization) comes from neo-prohibitionists.

    Now you’ve met one. History repeats itself.

    1. Believe me, we’re familiar with prohibitionists who support the state-monopoly scheme. One of our regional pro-gun state reps is the leader of that crowd.

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