Beer + Raccoon + Small Pistol = Skin Graft

Apparently an Oregon woman is looking at some skin grafts after she shot the tip of her finger off trying to shoot a raccoon with a .25 caliber Beretta. You know any story involving a gun, beer, and a raccoon is not going to end well:

Asked if she had been drinking, the woman told the deputy, “one beer.” The bullet missed the raccoon.

I’m not buying one beer, and I’m guessing the deputy isn’t either. My guess is, based on the story, she gripped the small pistol in a way that her left middle finger was covering the barrel.

4 Responses to “Beer + Raccoon + Small Pistol = Skin Graft”

  1. Gunmart says:

    So many jokes; so little time

  2. Freiheit says:

    She didn’t follow Calebs Rule. She should have thrown her beer (preferably a coffee) at the racoon first.

  3. Bryan S. says:

    I bet she doesnt get out to shoot that thing too often.

  4. Bram says:

    Interesting shooting grip she has.