Everybody’s a Freak

I don’t know how people on the other side of our issue can look at videos, and press accounts like this, and then come to the conclusion that gun rights advocates are weirdos and lunatics.

I don’t really bat an eye when I’m at a gun event and I see camo. It’s kind of like the tie-dye of our side. But the other side accuses us of all manner of freakiness and extremism. I’m trying to think of what most of our folks would think if someone showed up to a political event in a dress military uniform from the SS or, if they wanted to be more stylish, an Italian military dress uniform from the Fascist era? I’m pretty sure most of us would elbow each other, and mutter, “Who the hell is that weirdo?” He would be made to feel unwelcome.

Yeah, sorry folks, no one gets a free ticket out of the freak show. But if I had to choose between having Ted Nugent on my side, or this guy, I’ll take Nugent any day of the week.

14 Responses to “Everybody’s a Freak”

  1. Wolfman says:

    In its own way, its kind of like the various skinheads that show up at gun shows. We tolerate their existence, because we, as a group, are generally in favor of freedoms, of all shapes and sizes. That does not mean we like or agree with them. If the MSM wanted to show some consistency, they would now denounce all these protesters as Communist traitors aligned with a failed enemy of the nation… replace Communist with White Supremacist or Nazi and I think I’ve seen that movie too. Somehow, even though it would be more accurate to apply here, I don’t see that coming… color me surprised.

  2. Dannytheman says:

    There are freaks on both sides, it’s easy to pick them out, as this reporter is doing. I would bet there are some from their side that shake their head at this guy also!

    It was done at the Tea Party events. It is Gorilla video, only for the shock value.

    There are freaks in Ham Radio.
    There are freaks that own a Harley.

  3. Ddbaxte says:

    If it’s us it’s “crazy” or “fringe”, if it’s them, it’s “performance art.”

  4. Dirk Diggler says:

    can we get this guy to a dentist, please?

  5. David says:

    Holy crap does this guy need a haircut, dentist, and toothbrush.

  6. DirtCrashr says:

    The Freaks who showed-up at Tea Party events were LaRouchers who crashed the party, not Special Guests like this fellow.
    Didn’t one of the Brit Royals get dipped in Journalistic Tar for wearing a SS Halloween costume at some event? How are the STASI or VOPOs any different?
    I’ve seen them march in East Germany, and photo-proof they still did the kickin’ Nazi goose-step up until 1976… I didn’t get it then but I do now – same people/same party, hell the flag is either a red crab-claw or a black spider.

  7. Boyd says:

    Ja, if we don’t trust markets (which really is the heart of anti caitalism in our country) it only make sense that a kinder gentler system would require our “democratic” voice be empowered to direct companies in pricing and production decisions, maybe even providing say… stimulus to companies that were important to the “social good”. As one commenter on youtube said; time to put more canned goods in the attic.

  8. MikeSilver says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with this fellow wearing the East German uniform. Its a perfect example of the First Amendment being used to effectively communicate an opinion without trampling the rights or sensitivity of others.

    Rather than scorn, I think we should tip our hats to him for his creativity,clearly thought out statement and willingness to have a calm discussion.

    And yes, the East German uniform is very sharp. I wish the interviewer had asked him about the NJ State Police uniform which was based on the German Army uniform.

  9. Sebastian says:

    He has a First Amendment right to wear the uniform, for sure. I have a First Amendment right to call him a freak.

    And I can agree on dress uniforms being very sharp. I think Italian police and military dress uniforms are sharp. I was impressed by them when I visited Italy. An SS uniform could be objectively called sharp too, but there’s a lot of baggage, and justifiably so, that comes along with it.

  10. Google “Zombietime” for an eyeful of such tomfoolery…

  11. MikeSilver says:

    Personally, these people freak the heck out of me. They are inches from being good little Nazis. With a little push here and shove there, they’ll fall in line with a new Hitler. The similarities are striking …. bad economic times, blaming bankers and outside economic interests, mob violence and protest, etc.

    An SS uniform would be too revealing to their hidden agenda.

  12. I love the comment on this at YouTube, suggesting that someone escort him back to the Columbia University faculty lounge.

  13. Gary Foster says:

    I sure agree with the comment about having Ted Nugent on our side! For years I have been mildly embarressed by his “out the re” attitude but not so much lately.
    I find myself “out there” more often. As for these facsists demonstrating in the streets, it has hardened my resolve to do what ever must be done to fight them in every way possible.
    I love our America and want to keep it free. I noticed the “mainline press” does not show the lunacy of these people. They are the enemy too.