Avoiding Anti-Gun Food in Pittsburgh

Apparently, the Pittsburgh equivalent of the classic cheesesteak is a sandwich from a chain of joints known as Primanti Brothers. Unfortunately for those of you who plan on attending the NRA meeting and want to try a bit of local cuisine, you should probably know that Primanti Brothers hosted Bloomberg’s anti-gun billboard campaign at their Pittsburgh stop back in February.

You can see from the pictures that they set up the truck at the front of the parking lot and then the staff invited Bloomberg’s crew behind the counter to promote anti-gun legislation while the staff wore the MAIG t-shirts. Know that if you spend your money at Primanti Brothers, you’re supporting a company that supports Bloomberg’s work to restrict our rights.

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  1. Ouch if we get this word out enough that will HURT!

    All the restaurants around the NRA Con last year were stacked deep with gunnies with their wallets out.

    That’s a lot of money not spent on them.

  2. From what I can tell, their sandwiches are very different than a cheesesteak, Chas. I mean that it’s like a cheesesteak in that it’s what Pittsburgh is known for food-wise. For example, my favorite political columnist asks all the legislative freshman: Eagles or Steelers; Cheesesteak or Primanti Bros.

    Whereas Philly has several famous cheesesteak eateries (most of which probably have guns behind the counter), this is one chain in Pittsburgh.

  3. Before all the NRA attendees begin boycotting this eatery, it might be prudent to solicit the opinion of the Pimenti ownership on their promotion of the Bloomberg event.

    It may be that this business, like most businesses, will let any large group use their good services as paying customers, and will let really big spenders use them for some free publicity.

    Just because Ronald Reagan is pictured with Mr. Gorbachev in several historic incidents does not mean he supported the views of that failed Communist.

    Give them a call, and let the facts speak for themselves.

  4. Forget that sellout crap. For real ‘burgh food, start with pizza, try Mineo’s or Vinnie’s (Vincent’s Pizza Park) in Squirrel Hill and Forest Hills respectively.

    You can get good pierogies in the Strip District at S&D Polish Deli (great ones only come from little old ladies at church sales).

    The “O” (google “dirty o” or “Essie’s Original Hot Dog”) for dogs and fries is also worth a trip (next door to Pitt’s law school).

  5. If they didn’t have the staff wearing their shirts & inviting them behind the counter, that would be a reasonable comparison to make. If they just showed up & bought breakfast, sure, that would be what I would assume. But when I went through their photos & found them decked out in the Bloomberg gear, that’s when it becomes an endorsement.

  6. Damn it! One of my favorite restaurants for lunch. Guess I’ll have to update my NRA Convention restaurants list now…

  7. That sucks. Was looking forward to trying out one of their sandwiches, but I’m sure I can find plenty of other places to eat.

  8. Since I have no idea about Pittsburgh “cuisine”, I’m glad to have this notice about Primanti Brothers…no way are they getting any of my $$$! Is there anyway that Cam or NRA can somehow get this word out too (on NRAnews tonight or an e-mail blast or Facebook posting etc.), to people that will be attending in Pittsburgh?

    These guys are probably banking on cashing on the influx of people coming into town this wknd. Let them feel a little shunned this wknd…

  9. Maybe print up flyers to distribute around to all the vendors and attendees? Or simply post signs on the doors?

    Unfortunatly, it doesn’t look like I’ll be attending at all as my can broke down last night in Bitter’s old stomping ground of Roanoke. And there we sit. Wife, kids, dog and all. Including Uhaul trailer. Waiting for the jeep Commander to come back to life.

    Glad I got the lifetime Chrysler Service contract.

  10. I had been looking forward to my next Primanti Bros. sandwich for almost a year. I had been eagerly anticipating sharing the Primanti Bros. experience with as many people as possible at the NRA Annual Meeting this weekend, and now the day before I leave for the 2200 mile eastward trip to Pittsburgh, I learn that the Primanti Bros. sandwich I ate last summer was to be my last. I will truly miss the once obligatory tradition of dining at Primanti Bros. in my Pittsburgh visits.

  11. I’d like to hear from Primanti Bro’s management on this. I mean, their sandwiches really are the definition of “Pittsburgh food”. Ask anyone from the region about what food to get in the Burgh, and they’ll say Primanti’s.

    Also, french fries on a sandwich… its just brilliant.

    1. I noticed that on Cam’s Facebook update, they are going to try and get a comment from the joint. I also know of another person who has tried to contact them about it, but so far has received no response. They are being given a chance to prove themselves and retract any endorsement reflected by their staff being decked out in MAIG gear, but I haven’t see any evidence that they they have been willing to respond at this point.

  12. I am with mikee, this place is a family owned, blue collar restaurant that makes any group welcome. People from all over come to this place because it started in Pittsburgh and carries a lot of the Pittsburgh pride! When the NRA comes to town, I’m sure one and all will be welcome. Lets just ask them to wear a NRA shirt, and really show bloomberg whats up!

    Everytime I make the trip up from Beckley WV, to visit my brother up in Erie, I always grab a few Primanti sandwichs in the Strip.

    This sandwich will always be in my thoughts…and gut..man im getting hungry just thinking about it…cant wait to see you guys this weekend!!

  13. Well we can all give them an earful at the NRA Freedom Experience at the CONSOL Energy Center on Saturday night, since there is a Primanti Brothers located on the Lower Concourse, Section 119 of the CONSOL Energy Center.

    Maybe we oragnize a protest near that location and make sure no one buys anything from that location on Saturday night.

  14. Dicarlos Pizza on Sawmill Run Blvd, if you get out that way (Route 51) some of the best stuff. If in the South side, hit up Disalles for a great Sicilian pie.

    Also dont forget to grab a pretzel from the pretzel shop in southside, oh so good.

  15. For those looking for great food at the NRA Convention, try:

    Corys Deli Subs and Cheesesteaks, 212 10th street, Pittaburgh PA 15222

    Cory is a Great guy and Gun Owner, he is also a firearms instructor. Open Carry or Concealed carry welcome.

    He also has the best damn Cheese Steaks out there.

  16. Whats up with this?????????????????

    I’ve been going to Primanti Bros for 30 years and never once received any indication that they were anti gun or anti NRA.
    I’m a gun owner and have gone to PB in full hunting gear after the hunt with my buddies and the only comment we received was “did you get anything, save the back straps for us!
    I also know several employees of PB and they are NRA members! I think you need to get some factual information before you start making broad generalizations that PB is anti NRA or guns.

  17. I have lived in the region for 47 year and have been a proud NRA member for 13 years. I give Primanti’s a pass on this one because they support any function that helps the city of pittsburgh. Every Primanti’s I have visited never showed any signs of being anti gun and I don’t think that was their intention. Primanti’s is one of the national faces of Pittsburgh and are involved in just about any event in Pittsburgh. Nothing better than a cap and egg before a little turkey hunting.

  18. How about their staff wearing t-shirts at a coordinated event calling for more gun control? So far, Primanti’s has been unwilling to respond to any gun owner I know who has contacted them for clarification.

  19. First off I love Primanti’s! I worked at Primantis in Moon Township in college – being so close to the airport we served many customers from different walks of life. we often posed for pictures with our guests to increase the value of their Primanti expereince. To miss out on the best sandwich in the USA because of a quick photo-op is unreasonable and senseless.

  20. Prmantis’ is a good place. Big supporters of our police. these people probably didnt even know what they were doing.

  21. “I also know several employees of PB and they are NRA members! I think you need to get some factual information before you start making broad generalizations that PB is anti NRA or guns.”

    Factual information, as in why their staff is wearing shirts that promote gun control? If this was a staffer not knowing what they were appearing to make the company endorse, then they need to say that. So far they seem intent on ignoring this.

  22. I’m a member of the NRA and I love Primanti brothers. It’s the best fast food in the burgh! I’ve lived in this city for over 15 years, i’ve been to the Primanti Brothers food chain on several occations and have even gotten to know some of the people that work there. Never received any indication that the organziation is anti-gun. Awesome food, awesome people, and awesome service. This article is misleading…

  23. Ed Earl & me will be at our NRA con in Pittsburgh driving over from Racine. Been there many times and each time we stop in at that Permantis and got a good greasing, if you know what I mean… Those Permanti folks sure make us welcome and all in the place have good time . We wouldn’t miss stopping and havin a cold one with our Primanti sandwich for anything. This place is a special kinda place that when in this town you don’t want to miss out on, believe me its worth the wait to get inside and enjoy….

  24. It has come to the attention of the management of Primanti Bros. Restaurant that a cook in one of our restaurants was photographed in a Mayors Against Illegal Guns t-shirt. This is not an endorsement of this issue by the Primanti Bros. Restaurants. Primanti’s is in the hospitality business and welcomes guests from all walks of life, with a mission to make every one of our guests feel welcomed. It is not infrequent that our guests ask the Primanti staff to pose for a photo. There are photos of the Primanti staff with Glenn Beck, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Billy Gardell. This is not an endorsement of the CBS Show Mike & Molly although we do think it’s very funny. The fact that this request was accommodated by the staff is not an endorsement of this organizations position nor was this picture posted by an employee of Primanti’s. Primanti Bros. Restaurant has no opinion on this issue; however if you ask us about sandwiches we will have a very passionate opinion.

    We welcome all conventioneers to our restaurants and will continue to be an ambassador of the Pittsburgh community. The community of Pittsburgh has embraced the Almost Famous Primanti sandwich and we feel strongly that we embrace all visitors into our community.

  25. Jason,

    Care to tell us why that article is misleading. The picture is worth 1000 words and justifies me not spending money at Primanti’s no matter how good the food is. If they are willing to take a stand on an issue then they have to be willing to take the fallout. In this case MAIG as maybe 17 supporters. The NRA is bringing in 65,000 people who will dump $23,000,000 into town this weekend. Sounds like the should have just stayed neutral and laughed all the way to the bank.

  26. You have got to be kidding me? A photo op like that and you are going to miss the best sandwiches in Pittsburgh? There is NO WAY Primanti’s is anti-gun.

    These guys are HUGE supporters for the Pittsburgh Police as well as local police and are as blue colar as it gets. Like Rob I too have been welcomed with open arms when showing up after hunting.

    I’m w/summit cap & egg for breakfast, a double original on the way home.

    There is NO WAY these guys are anti-guns.

  27. come on!! this is a great pittsburgh family owned company!! they do so much for the city and entire pittsburgh area! stop in the restaurant, check it out for yourself, ask some questions but don’t write it off due to one isolated comment/t-shirt! you will be missing out on a great pittsburgh tradition and a fun place to spend an afternoon, evening! to me it doesn’t speak well of an organization and it’s members if you can make such a quick decision to condemn a business without having all of the facts.

  28. Just because someone holds an even at a restaurant, does not mean the restaurant holds it’s political views.

    I am pro-gun and just because there was an anti-gun event there makes no difference to me!!!

    Primanti’s has great local Pittsburgh food and does a lot for this community!!! And the family that owns it are genuinly nice people and are very charitable!!!

    Get a life!

  29. They may not support it, but if I owned a restaurant, and Bloomberg’s people came to eat, they would leave hungry. I refuse the right to deny service to anyone.

    Especially those who would destroy my rights and enslave me to their system.

  30. and post this comment;
    I’m all about my 2nd amendment right and have been with the NRA all my
     life. We all stand tall together. Well let me tell you one thing, when it
    comes to a sandwich like you never had before, then you had a Permanti
    sandwich. These folks have been around a long time serving up the Permanti
    to anyone or group who walks in the doors. They cater to anyone who want to
    come there to eat and have a good time!! This place is something to check
    out first hand.

  31. I suspect that this is a very clever attempt at affinity marketing on the part of the young guy driving the truck.

    Primanti Bros. is legendary, and he got the cook to wear a t-shirt.

    I would bet that a more effective means of handling this would be to have Ted Nugent or R. Lee Ermey show up and have a sandwich and take pictures.

  32. I was looking forward to trying Primanti Bros., but wrong is wrong, and I won’t be spending a dime there. If you support anti-gun bigots, don’t be surprised when the 70,000 gunnies visiting your town give you the finger.

  33. Commenters keep saying Primanti bros is pro police. That has nothing to do with them being anti gun or not. There are lots of Police agencies that are anti gun.
    Also, I lived in the burgh and have had a handful of Primanti bro’s sandwiches. Nothing to shake a stick at. The French fries on a sandwich idea is brilliant, but nothing else about them is awesome. Well not for me anyway.

  34. OMG – for goodness sake… you need to pick on an older woman who just tried to make someone happy by posing as the cook who made their delicious sandwich! Why don’t you talk about the good things the NRA does rather than leaning on some good-hearted person who would have put a NRA t-shirt on if you asked her to make your point. People who get radical about a t-shirt really shouldn’t be around a gun!!

  35. 6shooter, I’m not quite sure and a little scared about how your whole though process works. Heston is was and actor and the photo you linked to was from the movie planet of the apes. There is no political statement about planet of the apes.

    Now when it comes to Primanti, there was a political statement or faux pas. I don’t have a problem with who Primanti serves food to. I do have a problem when employees are wearing shits advocating an anti gun group and are featured on the anti gun groups website – thus supporting that groups agenda. At that point Primanti took sides in a heated issue. Siding with MAIG means my dollars will never again be spent there. I once drove the 250 miles to Pittsburgh just to eat there, but that won’t happen again.

    If these cooks did this on their own, the Primanti needs to step up and deal with the cooks and make sure the political views of the cooks stay out of work out of the news. Or, the could continue to let the cooks make political statements while at work and deal with the fallout, fallout being the lose of customers.

    Primanti went out of business once before and it had nothing to do with the quality of the food. In this case, the photos will probably cost them some customers and money in their pockets. There are other neutral places I can spend my money.

  36. “People who get radical about a t-shirt really shouldn’t be around a gun!!”

    Radical? MAIG has the radical freedom reducing goal in mind. Choosing not to spend money at an establishment that support freedom grabbing groups is my business, as is how I spend my money. Primanti Bros made it choice and not I made mine – not to spend money there.

  37. Whats good for the goose…..

    What we should do is go into the establishment with NRA T-Shirts, or better yet, the a big circle with a slash through it, and MAIG in the center of the circle, get the SAME EXACT GROUP that posed for the picture, point to a throng of a few huindred outside the door and say….

    “Put these on and let us take your picture, we’ll all eat here. Decline, and we take our money elsewhere.”

    Then we take the picture and send it to the New York Slimes, Washington Compost, etc., and one to BloomTurds office, just to rub their noses in it.

  38. “People who get radical about a t-shirt really shouldn’t be around a gun!!”

    Well that settles it for me, Primanti Management made a decent case, but just to be safe I’ll eat my food elsewhere.

    A lot of people get radical about men wearing sheets…or Hindu Symbols of reincarnation (AKA Swastika)

    I don’t see how not supporting a supporter of a group who wishes to steal my property and leave me defenseless is all that radical….

  39. Here’s the deal. Primanti Bros statement of “oh-we-didn’t-mean-to-pose” rountine holds no water at this moment. If they decide that one of their employees will be willing to pose for a picture/pictures with an NRA T-shirt on – then that’s a different story.

    They should be like Starbucks when they got pressure from the Brady Campaign. They communicated to their employees that the employees should respect state law in regards to concealed/open carry. And the employees have done that.


    Since any type of perceived T-shirts or other type of paraphanelia could be perceived as a polictical statement, there should have a company policy or communication sent to all employees much earlier than Bloomberg’s wagon train across the U.S. That is how a company with good company policy and communication skills should work. We’re not talking about posing with a celebrity here – we’re talking about a crystal clear politicial statement that the MAIG wagon train had going on.

    Obviously, Primanti Bros hadn’t thought of that and now are trying to back track. They didn’t know that the photo of their employee would be on Bloomberg’s site? C’mon give me a break. Police supporters or not (weak arguement there), I value my Constitutional rights, especially the 2nd Amendment. I don’t give a crap about their food and how good it is (or not), I’m sure I can find another establishment that will satisfy my culinary needs. I, nor friends of mine will be spending any money at Primanti Bros during this wknd…unless I see one of their employees posing for a photo in a NRA T-shirt.

  40. This is getting ridiculous and being blown way out of proportion. Obviously this picture was taken innocently. Primanti Bros will promote any business or organization. They are all about customer service and making everyone feel welcome. You all need to get a life and let Primanti Bros just do their job which is make sandwiches.

  41. “Primanti Bros. Restaurant has no opinion on this issue; however if you ask us about sandwiches we will have a very passionate opinion.”

    So they have no corporate opinion on a fundamental civil right?

    And somehow that’s supposed to be “okay”?!

    Man up. Either commit your company to agreeing with MAIG and say you only approve of some civil rights or agree with the rest of us, and corporations like Starbucks, and say you support all of them regardless of your personal feelings on the matter.

  42. I didn’t realize I could revoke Primanti’s sandwich making ability. You learn something everyday. See you at Benkovitz.

  43. Primanti Managment said: “Primanti Bros. Restaurant has no opinion on this issue..”

    Well I guess it is time for Primanti Management to nut up or shut up.

    What is Primanti Management’s offical policy on the lawful possession of firearms by customers in it’s stores in Pennsylvania and Florida?

    Pennsylvania is a concealed and open carry state and it is legal to carry into an establishment where alcohol is sold and consumed.

    Florida is a concealed carry, and hopfully soon open carry state. Thoug it is illegal to carry in any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption.

    So all of the Pennsylvania locations are by law open to carry, and any Florida locations that do not serve alcohol would be also, unless Primanti Management restricts our rights by having a policy against lawful carry.

    Primanti Management what is your policy on the lawful carry of firearms in your restaurants?

  44. There’s a reason most employers have a dress code – like it or not, what your employee wears reflects on the company. Participating in a photo op like that, on company time, be against my employer’s rules…

  45. “Primanti Bros will promote any business or organization. They are all about customer service and making everyone feel welcome. You all need to get a life and let Primanti Bros just do their job which is make sandwiches.”

    That’s great… so would they be willing to put their staff in NRA shirts during the convention?

  46. I got on there web site and used the Contact Us link. I sent this message, along with some personalized touches.

    “You supported the Fascist organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns. I will no longer patronize your establishment.

    I will attend the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, and eat elsewhere.

    I am organizing a Boycott of your shops and will spread it far and wide on the net.

    The Bill of Rights is not a sandwich menu, you don’t get to pick and choose!”

    Pile ’em on people!


  47. Why does a restaurant have to have a political view on something that has nothing to do with their establishment? That would be like the PRA (Pennsylvania Restaurant Association) asking the NRA their views on food safety.

  48. Representative from Primanti’s is going to be on Cam & Company tonight. 9:00.

  49. Muddyboots,

    That’s all vinegar, no honey. The minute you use “fascist” people who don’t already agree with you stop listening.

    Try being polite and calm and present your reasoned position.

    Dear sir or madam,

    I was dismayed to find that you allowed your staff to be photographed in the shirt of MAIG, a group that actively supports denying the fundamental rights of Americans and believes the laws on weapons possession and carry voted for and supported by the majority of the citizens of Pennsylvania and Florida should overturned.

    I ask that you emulate Starbucks on the subject and say that you as a company support the rights of your customers to carry guns pursuant to state law. With the NRA Convention in town bringing thousands of potential customers to your doorstep it would be a good chance to correct your earlier stance and boldly come out in support of fundamental civil rights.


    Insert name.

    Something like that works better than angry rants in my experience, you don’t get written off as a nut but as the kind of customer they want to have. You also provide them with an argument based on respecting the will of the people and supporting rights they can use in press release, and the example of Starbucks as to why doing so will increase business.

    Busineses like good press and profits, show them being pro-gun provides both, unlike MAIG which will use them and provide nothing in return.

  50. I pray really hard that the Brady bunch are not good at making sandwiches, otherwise they can easily rip gun owners apart.

  51. Well…after seeing the MAJORITY of the responses to the PB matter, even as a gun owner its obvious that you are a fringe element only hurting those who believe in the 2nd amendment as wel as the 1ST AMENDMENT. You’re a bunch of hipocrits,

  52. rob,

    Umm, where does the 1st Amendment come into it? Is there government infringement occuring I’m not seeing?

    They are free to make or not make any statement they like, we are free to patronize them or not. Not infringement there.

    That said, to take a stand, or allow the appearance of taking a stand, against a fundamental right like the RKBA opens one up to a justifiable charge of bigotry. Actions, or the lack thereof, have consequences.

    Would you be as sanguine if they allowed the cook to choose to allow (to pick another extreme anti-civil rights organization as an example) the KKK to come in and pose with a nice white duncecap on their head and take a picture?

    Would it be excusable for their management to then say that they “welcome all groups” and to “not have an opinion” on that particular set of fundamental civil rights?

    Admittedly that’s an extreme example, but this isn’t merely a political disagreement about marginal tax rats or the appropriateness of the War Powers Act.

    This is one group, MAIG, actively promoting the denial of fundamental civil rights AND saying the will of the voters of these states should be overturned by any means necessary to achieve that goal.

    You can like the NRA or not but they are -for- the lawful exercise of a fundamental civil right right enshrined in the Constitution.

    MAIG is against the right in its entirety in practical effect.

    One is objectively good, one objectively evil.

    To be “neutral” the restaurant needs to at least denounce their employee’s pro-MAIG action and enforce a policy against such support evenly; but it would be better served to simply pick the side of lawful exercise and respect for the citizenry, their customers, like Starbucks did.

  53. Anyone who uses a photo-op at Primanti’s to bash them is only looking for attention. They could care less who wears a t-shirt… as long as you buy a sandwich. Nothing wrong with that. Whoever started this BS is no better than Trump and the Birthers. It’s a losing tactic for losers only.

  54. Hey Bitter, can you show us the sock puppets and unmask which comments all have the same IP with different usernames.

  55. Glen Beck came into the Burgh, bought 400 sandwiches to feed his crew, and talked about Primanti Brothers on his nationwide program. What he didn’t do was ask them to let him or any of his staff work behind the counter or take *promotional* photos. .

    But employees photographed (on company time??) wearing anti-gunowner t-shirts at least to me was too over the top. And their explanation seemed like they were digging the whole even deeper. OIf coure they’re not going to come out and say *we’re against private gun ownership*, especially not in this town or in this area.

    Let New York’s mayor, our fomer Pennsylvania governor (from Philadelphia) and the sock puppets who post multiple messages support them. I no longer will.

  56. I saw this post and was really surprised (and suspect) that this happened at Primantis. I’m a native Pittsburgher and a real fan of Primantis as both a great sandwichmaker and a classic meeting place for locals. I have never heard any anti-gun talk from them and would be stunned if their owners would engage in this — they’re too focused on their customers and making them feel at home. This is a real salt-of-the-earth place.

  57. Maybe I am niave, but how does a proposal to stop the sale of ILLEGAL guns infringe upon any rights ? I have visited the MAIG website and find their principles center on one thing, stopping ILLEGAL gun sales. yes the Constitution does gaurantee the right to bear arms, it also undeniably states a”well REGULATED militia”. If you are an honest, law abiding citizen, you have nothing to fear. It seems to me that, the government is not trying to take away your guns, they are merely trying to regulate gun sales and ownership, by unscrupulous persons.

  58. It’s hard to tell if you’re genuine or a sock puppet as you raise the discredited “well-regulated militia” trope with apparently not knowing what it means. I suggest you read the majority ruling in the Heller decision and discover the true majority opinion on the 2nd as an individual right not reliant on the milita clause at all.

    As far as MAIG goes, per actual data from the DOJ, CDC, etc, etc ad nauseum, their proposed fixes will have no effect on prohibited persons getting firearms, they will simply create hassles for law-abiding gun owners.

    For just one instance, MAIG talks up the mythical “gun show loophole” yet fails to acknowledge that prohibited persons are already breaking the law by acquiring weapons however they do so and that people who provide them to them knowingly are committing felonies as well.

    They somehow fail to mention that criminals only get somewhere in the low single digits of their weapons from gun shows or private purchases from law-abiding people where NICS checks aren’t currently required.

    80% are acquired from family and friends and street sources (including theft). (Harlow 2001) These numbers are as I recall, I’m not trying to rewrite the extant studies. Oh, the “missing” 14% or so of guns are procured from NICS-using licensed dealers. (which means the criminals weren’t prohibited persons when they bought the guns (not a crime), or they committed a felony by lying to the dealer and falsifying Federal documents, or the dealer knowingly committed a Federal felony by selling to them.)

    Again, to knowingly provide a prohibited person a firearm is a Federal felony. So mandating a NICS check for all private transfers will logically have no effect as the people now providing their known criminal friends and relatives guns are already not obeying the law to do so.

    Think it through. There is no way to force people to go to a dealer if they don’t want to, and there is no general firearms registration, so how would the private transfer law be enforced against those who do not willingly comply? Hmm, maybe MAIG will want registration next, to “fix” that hole?

    Logic alone shows us that the only people who would obey the new law are the already law-abiding, who MAIG are careful to say aren’t part of the “illegal gun” problem. So they want to make things difficult on the law-abiding to try to stop low single digits of transfers, which anyone with a criminology background will tell you will simply result in the 80% number going up to fill the gap (more thefts, more guns illegally from friends and family). Net change? Zero.

    See, MAIG is knowingly misstating the facts AND ignoring logic and reason. True, most of them are just patsies who read “against illegal guns?” and think “why, I can get behind that!”

    What they fail to realize are the driving leaders of MAIG, people like Bloomberg, are actually after NYC style restrictions that in effect are massive bans except for the connected or politically favored.

    Don’t be a patsy, do the research yourself and you’ll see why MAIG is losing members as fast as they can get them. It’s a fundamental right being attacked by people who are hiding the fact that they are on record with their true intent to, in practice, ban guns and carry for people like you and me.

  59. How about we boycott the NRA for screwing up the the castle doctrine process in pennsylvania for trying to take credit for something they had little to do with, since it was grass roots organizations that push it and the NRA wants credit for it

  60. Bill,

    I just read the entire PAFOA thread on the subject and it is nowhere near as simplistic as you just made out.

    If you don’t like the NRA, don’t be a member, full stop.

  61. Bill, that is a foolish suggestion. A hand may not feed you everything you want every moment you want it … but it’s still a hand that feeds you and you’d be a fool to bite it.

  62. If one of you gentlement (primarily Bill?) could post a link to the blog that caused him the concern…

    thank you

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