Giant Killer Plant Stalks New York

I have never heard of this weed until now, but apparently it is taking over New York:

This noxious weed has spread across the state, threatening humans with sap that causes severe burns, blistering, permanent scarring and even blindness.

No, it’s not Mayor Bloomberg, but Giant Hogweed. The Wikipedia description matches the article. I think we need to close the Giant Hogweed loophole and make sure that people on the terror watch list cannot buy this plant.

4 thoughts on “Giant Killer Plant Stalks New York”

  1. No, it’s not Giant Hogweed, but Mayor Bloomberg. He’s much worse than a noxious weed, he’s like a noxious Nazi. He is a noxious Nazi. National? Check. Socialist? Check. Opposes freedom? Check. Thinks everything should be his way? Check. Extremely intolerant of others’ point of view? Check. Anti-American? Check. Hates American constitutional freedom and goes out of his way to oppose it with his own, private organization, MAIG, much like the way that Hitler trampled the rights of others with his brownshirts? Check. Nazi? Nazi.

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