Christmas Cheer from the Brady Campaign

The Brady Campaign notes that if you bring a gun on an Amtrak train, clearly you are going to die. And we’re the ones who are paranoid and hysterical? I mean, in a way I have to give them kudos for a sense of humor, and definitely an A for creativity. But come on. Let’s get real.

7 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer from the Brady Campaign”

  1. I have to admit it, I laughed!

    First time ever the Brady group has ever made me smile!!

  2. Wow, that might be their best blog post ever….and not to date, I mean, I doubt they’ll top that one.

    They deserve credit where it’s due!

    Also those Monk Caskets are BEAUTIFUL! It’s a shame that the end result for them is to be buried, such craftsmanship!

  3. I love it. They make a dumb joke about how gun owners live such dangerous lives that they should get caskets, and here we are on a gun blog admiring their casket links. :D

  4. Elmo, that was my first reaction.

    My second was “wait, why is the ‘Mom Remembered’ casket 200 bucks cheaper?”

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