Celebration of American Values

I’m hearing from the NRA that the Celebration of American Values event at the Annual Meeting on Friday, featuring John McCain, will not be allowing firearms.  This is a directive from the Secret Service, not from NRA or McCain’s campaign.  There will be a security checkpoint at the entrances to Hall A of the Kentucky Exposition Center, where the event will be held.  If you plan to attend this event, just be advised you will have to clear a security checkpoint.

4 thoughts on “Celebration of American Values”

  1. Someone needs to learn to tell the SS no.
    One reason administrations deteriorate is that the SS cocoons the President (and candidates) a little more every day, until they are completely shut off from reality.

  2. Just like the wild west movies.. check your guns at the door .. Sorry, I agree with the SS.

  3. I find it ironic that in order to participate in this event and hear about how wonderful and expansive our American rights are (from many highly recognized speakers) I’ll be required to actually forfeit the one that’s being so heavily focused on and promoted all weekend.

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