No IPA For you Alabama

My currently fermenting “Bitter Bitch IPA” it turns out would be illegal in the State of Alabama, since it’s original gravity reading predicts it will have about 6.7% alcohol by volume.   Check this out:

The Alabama House said “no” Tuesday to a bill that would have increased the alcohol content allowed in beer sold in Alabama. Rep. Thomas Jackson, D-Thomasville, sponsored the bill, which he said would have allowed the sale of some imported and gourmet beers that have a higher alcohol content than the 6 percent now allowed. Jackson’s bill would have increased the allowable alcohol content to 14.9 percent. …

“I can’t see us doing something that’s going to encourage people to drink more and get drunk faster,” said Rep. DuWayne Bridges, D-Valley. Bridges said the measure would increase the problem of teenagers drinking by making more potent brew available to them. “Our children don’t need to increase their alcohol consumption,” Bridges said.

Read the whole thing.

I think Alabama is the only state in the union where home brewing is still illegal.  So you won’t find me moving there unless pigs grow wings and begin to fly.

3 thoughts on “No IPA For you Alabama”

  1. Those arguments so closely paralell anti-gunners, it’s almost scary.

    Besides, most of those good beers cost 5 bucks a bottle. No teen/young adult/joe sixpack in the world would pay that when they could get 12 PBRs for the same price. One good thing, it”s nice to see beer laws stupider than TN’s.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go pop an Arrogant Bastard Ale.

  2. some of the best Belgian ales i’ve had topped 10%, yet you could not for the life of you taste any ethanol in them. sneaky stuff to drink.

    and laws against manufacturing for yourself goods that would be perfectly legal to buy for yourself always smelled funny to me. i don’t even like anti-moonshine laws; i seriously didn’t think homebrewing could still be illegal anywhere outside the islamic world. any Alabamians reading care to comment on whether that nonsense is ever actually enforced, or just on the books and forgotten about?

  3. Guys:

    It is a sadstate of affairs in the state of Alabama. You can’t purchase a beverage such as beer, wine nor harder before 12pm though you can now buy beer and wine on Sundays( in some parts). This state also wont allow you “marital aids..a.k.a dongs nor sleves ” or Cigars/cigarettes from a Tobacco store on Sundays. This is a puritanical state now compared to the one my grandfather lived in for over 100 years. This is thanks to the “do righters” Southern Baptists that seem to have a cock grip hold on the state.

    It is awfully funny to me that tho you can’t do that you sure can marry someone under the age of 18, you can verbally abuse your wife, commit adultry,embezel,rob your kids, steal from your employees, molest children in the baptist church get away with it however it is seen as morally wrong to brew your own libations or enjoy them at a higher strength. This is specially hipocritical when these are the same folks who go to another state or county to get libations for the holidays. Just a very sad state of affairs when we have idiots in this state claiming to be morally right.

    It is a pity I moved back here to make my grandfather proud. I still intend to create a few libations of my own here regardless of the idiots in Montgomery collectively known as “MONKEY TOWN” thanks to the former govenor FOB JAMES.

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