Please, No!

As a sometimes home brewer who primary has made ales from the British Isles, I have several authentic British pint glasses.  Authentic because they are emblazoned with a royal engraving on the glass, which certifies it one imperial pint (~20oz).  Truth be told, all these glasses are now made in Calais, France, but they are the royal standard.

Now it seems they may be in danger of becoming a thing of the past, due to the Home Office’s obsession of ridding the United Kingdom of anything that could possibly be used as a weapon.  That would be tragic, in my opinion.

7 thoughts on “Please, No!”

  1. I suggest that before 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights all drunken yobs should be hog tied and left to sober up in a quiet alley behind the pub. This would reduce violence more than any other law imaginable.

  2. And so what are people supposed to drink their pint out of? Their hands? Goodness! Those can be weapons too!! (Make a fist. Next straightens and hardens hand). Well, we can’t have that! Off with their hands!

    Good grief, people! If you want to live like serfs and sheeple, just say so and be done with it! If you want to be citizens again, hurry up and start the revolution!

  3. As a routine drinker of British Ales (when Yuengling isn’t available), I’m shocked as well. Just keep them away from soccer hooligans and everything will be OK.

  4. Don’t forget the quaint British pastime of “glassing”, regularly practiced in pubs across the UK. It goes like this: Lad or ladette takes umbrage at someone, probably for “looking at me wierd”, then takes a usually pre-broken glass and smashes it into their face. Hilarity ensues, leaving the poor victim with life-lasting scarring.

    Not sure how to deal with that other than giving everyone plastic.

    When a country is emasculated that far, voilence creeps out in strange ways.

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