5 thoughts on “Cleaning Firearms”

  1. I wonder if the cops were using my tried and true method for cleaning guns.

    Ya see, I take a bullet that’s slightly smaller than my guns’ bore, dip it in Hoppes and shove it through the barrel with a steel ramrod.

    Takes a really long long time for the bullet to come out clean, requires alot of elbow grease and brute force and sure, I shoot the occassional toddler here and there but if anyone has a better technique, I’d love to hear about it.

  2. Remember, “police and military are the only people who need firearms/assault weapons”. Makes one wonder what a barrel of fun it might have been if they’d been cleaning an m-4 carbine on full auto…

  3. In a gun cleaning accident that had nothing to do w/miller light or loaded guns, I managed to smash my index finger last night in the bolt of Frankenshotty – this morning it’s all swollen and I need to go to the range.

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