We’re probably the only country…

… that goes bat shit crazy over stuff like this.  How many of us got alcohol from our parents before we were 21?  To me, her sin was lying to the other parents.  Had she been truthful, I might question her judgment, but I wouldn’t say she did anything horribly wrong.

By the way, MADD is totally out of control, and it’s high time people stopped taking them seriously.

6 thoughts on “We’re probably the only country…”

  1. What is wrong with parents today that they haven’t taught their kids when to lie?

    This wasn’t uncommon 45 years ago when I was a teen, but our parents had taught us when honesty wasn’t the best policy. We told our friends, and later the police if necessary that we got a wino to buy it for us.

    We would never have narked out our parents.

  2. If I had asked, I’m fairly sure I could have gotten wine from my parents at dinner (when I was a teenager). I think that’s what my brother and sisters did, anyway.

  3. I left a comment that effectively stated there shouldn’t have been any charges anyway, as no one was injured by the events of the evening. If the other parents felt that strongly, they should have dealt with the problem as a community (shunning, anyone?), rather than through the courts.

  4. So good to know I’m not the only one who realizes that MADD is limited to ending drunk driving like the Brady Campaign only wants to disarm “criminals.”

    The reality is their ultimate agenda is not far from the WCTU’s, and ultimately includes prohibition, just like the Brady bunch.

    Use good sense and don’t get wasted and drive…but dammit, you should be allowed to have a beer or two and still go home without feeling like a criminal.

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