Philadelphia’s Best Faces Put Forward

Only a city like Philadelphia would decide that it’s a good thing to put their Parking Authority on television. Of course, it has only backfired on the tourism staff, so I guess the Parking Authority doesn’t give a damn.

Today, I was witness to another example of the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s great-for-television personalities. A driver in one of their trucks started honking and swearing at a cab driver who wasn’t making a right on red. The PPA driver could clearly see the line of pedestrians crossing legally in front of the cab, but that didn’t stop his outrage.

The cab driver, to his credit, put his hand out the window and made a “hold on” type gesture. The guy had riders in the back, so no doubt he wanted to go. But that didn’t stop the PPA staffer from honking & swearing to “just fucking go already!” even as pedestrians still blocked the street. Even worse, the PPA truck wasn’t actually beside me. It was slightly behind me in the next lane, and I had my windows up and music on. Yet, I could still hear every foul word out of the PPA’s truck.

And somewhere, some bureaucrat was probably given a raise for putting the wonderful personalities like this on tv. It just reminds you that even if you’re not actually parking a car in Philly, the PPA still wants to make your life miserable – and possibly run over you if you’re a pedestrian.

9 thoughts on “Philadelphia’s Best Faces Put Forward”

  1. I am a retired parking enforcement officer from Dallas. I have seen those Philadephia clowns on TV. None of them would last two days in Dallas. Cussing at the citizens is a very big no no. Those guys look like they are lost in space.
    I know that good help is hard to get but surely the City of Philadephia can do better than this. But then again they are in serious need of adult supervision which is sorely lacking.

  2. I hate the Philly parking authority. It became nothing more than a huge revenue enhancement for the city. Hire a 3rd party to take the abuse and insalate the elected council. It was genius, but people like me never go spend money in the city.

  3. I’ve got a friend who, many years ago, got several tickets in Philly. Parking, street racing, etc. He wasn’t from PA and tossed ’em. Never heard anything from it as far as I know.

  4. Isn’t the “Liberty” bell kept in that city as a historic reminder of, er, ahh, uhh… something?

    Dann in Ohio

  5. Dallas Parking Enforcement Officers are not union members. Some belong to the Dallas FOP.

  6. “Dallas Parking Enforcement Officers are not union members.”

    And there you go. The Philadelphia Parking Authority is unionized, which means these people have [i]no[/i] fear of being fired for anything short of stealing cars instead of ticketing them. And even then, the union would probably fight to have them transferred instead. Literally.

    This is yet another reason unions have no place in the public sector.

  7. Actually, I don’t think it’s anything that can so easily be blamed on unions. It’s also an attitude of the people. Overall, Philly has some of the least friendly people I’ve encountered.

  8. You know what adjusts lousy workers’ attitudes? Getting canned.

    You know what prevents people from getting canned? Their unions.

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