Ammunition Accountability

The web site Ammunition Accountability apparently is administered by the lobbying firm of Ammunition Coding Systems, who ultimately pays for the site, and who conveniently produces the system that does this type of encoding.  I just heard Russ Ford of ACS admitting to this on Cam Edwards’ show.

There’s a per round royalty their company plans to charge for this. Nothing like succeeding in the marketplace by having the .gov force your product on the consumer, whether they want it or not.  Seriously, these guys are hoping to get state legislatures to basically pass a tax on ammunition that gets passed on to them.

UPDATE: Cam comments that the interview with Russ Ford will be re-aired on Thursday.  You can tune in at  I would highly recommend folks tune in.

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  1. I believe we’ll be replaying the Russ Ford interview on Thursday’s show and taking comments afterwards. When we finalize a time I’ll post it here.

  2. This would explain why they’ve hidden their domain behind a proxy. How cute.

    Anyhow, I’m not quite sure it would be Constitutional anyway. Second Amendment aside, the whole scheme sounds like it would involve delegating the Congressional powers to tax to a private actor since the company would dictate pricing . To some extent, it might involve the power to legislate as well, being that the company would essentially be making law. Not to mention giving the company Executive powers to enforce said taxes and its own de facto law.

    But, then again, nobody expected Kelo..

  3. Not sure it’s “taxing” anymore then musicians royalties are taxes…there’s probably something in the bill about that…I’d go so far as to say the bill that ACS handed over to whoever introduced it. It’s just another money making scheme….

    As far as nranews goes…is there anyone who has that segment, I can’t watch that because the choice of delivery on the site is horrible.

  4. This would affect me and many of my friends that shoot 250 to 500 rounds a month but have no effect on a criminal with a $12.00 bullet puller and a file. I thing law abiding gun owners should start an harassment lawsuit agents anti-gunners.

  5. I fired off a comment to their website wishing them much failure. I for one will be contacting my state and federal elected officials about this BS. Well said about all these “feel good” laws that don’t touch the criminals but affect responsible legal law abiding citizens. It’s another form of registration which will lead to confiscation. For the next 4-8 years we are going to have to fight like hell to protect our 2A.

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