Forcing a Response from Bloomberg’s Office

Looks like the Mayor’s office has felt the need to officially respond to our little finding from yesterday, which has spread around Al Gore’s Internets quite nicely today:

“With more than 600 mayors in cities across the county, there are always going to be changes to keep up with. We actually called every one of our 169 mayors’ offices in Pennsylvania this summer to confirm status. The staff in Freeland never returned our calls, so we relied on the government websites, which still list him as Mayor.”

So how many other towns “never returned our calls,” who’s mayors you still kept singing onto your gun control agenda, or to block pro-Second Amendment legislation in Congress?

Freeland Borough is a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania, having only a few thousand inhabitants. It’s not atypical of Pennsylvania towns. Many of these local municipalities don’t have full time staff to return Mayor Bloomberg’s calls. Nor do they always keep their web sites up to date. The greater point here is that Bloomberg is using the names of his mayors without doing so much as asking each mayor whether or not they want to get behind specific initiatives.

In all likelihood, a great many MAIG mayors sign up thinking “Who could be for illegal guns?” and don’t bother to pay much attention to what Mayor Bloomberg is using their names for. That’s why it’s incumbent on gun owners who live in towns with MAIG mayors, to try to get their mayor to quit. In a lot of cases, all it takes is talking to them.

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  1. Nor do they always keep their web sites up to date.

    I think it’s important to note that while Bloomberg’s staff says they got the information for 2011 from the town’s website, the town’s website actually says he was mayor in 2010, not this year. I spells out in bold numbers that it is not current information.

  2. Commented:
    They’ll do and say whatever it takes to keep inflating their numbers, including having dead, alive & former members, or ex-mayors convicted of crimes and no longer eligible to serve, listed anyway. MAIG has a higher arrest and conviction rate of its members than concealed weapon permit holders nationwide. Considering its obvious goal is making innocent victims defenseless against violent crime, the organization’s black streak of criminality should come as no surprise.

  3. The one on the list who really surprised me was Hamburg, Pa mayor Roy Del Rosario (R). Hamburg is a very progun town and population. This is right where Cabelas is located.

    1. I know it’s technically in Tilden Township. But the stores advertised as Hamburg – Cabelas was used as a reference point to describe the area. Tilden township is nothing more than some farm fields and 1 acre lots. Without the Cabelas reference most people would aske “where the hell are Tilden twp and Hamburg”? Additionally Tilden is a township, and, by PA Code its form is government is board of supervisors – thus there is no mayor.

  4. In Washington DC, serious policy organizations and coalitions NEVER assume anyone is signing anything. That’s the thing with diverse coalitions.

    Whenever any of the coalitions I’m part of send out a letter, we send and get written (well, email) authorization to sign the name of ANY party who appears on it.

    If they don’t call you back (or email you back) guess what . . . . THEY DON’T GET LISTED ON THE LETTER.

    That’s how every serious organization in DC operates. Bloomberg’s failure to do that, not only shows their not a serious organization, but fundamentally undermines any shred of credibility they may have had.

    Great finding, great reporting. And shame shame shame on Bloomberg.

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