Let’s Hope They Are Right

The Beaver County Times published a short editorial about the gun rights rally in Harrisburg last week.

Hundreds of pro-gun advocates, led by the president of the National Rifle Association, showed up to remind state lawmakers who is pulling the strings and whose strings are being pulled.

It was an impressive combination of clout and cowering. (It’s not hard to figure out which adjective applied to gun backers and which applied to lawmakers.)

I hope they are correct in their prediction that gun control at the state level isn’t likely to move.

Biden Eases Burden on Secret Service

Our Vice President reminds us on this 101st day of the Obama Administration that we could have, in fact, made a worse electoral decision. Instead of keeping on his talking points about Obama’s “enchanting moments,” he used his time on the Today show this morning to unleash his inner survivalist.

Joe Biden tells Americans that they should no longer take public transportation, fly on commercial airlines, or sit in “enclosed” classrooms. I’m sure that will really help the struggling economy. Politico tells us that the Administration has promised a forthcoming “clarifying statement.” According to one account on Twitter, even the show’s hosts were wondering why Biden just asked America to stop using public transportation.

Early Endorsement Fisking

It looks like Gun Owners of America is throwing its weight behind Pat Toomey, even though we’re still an entire year out from the Republican Primary, and as far as I can tell, the primary ballot isn’t even really known yet:

First, Senator Arlen Specter provided the instrumental Republican
support to get anti-gun Attorney General Eric Holder confirmed by the

So did GOA A- rated Shelby.  So did GOA A rated Chambliss, and GOA A rated Isakson.  I could go on.  Point being, 75 Senators voted, including a lot of Senators highly rated by GOA voted to confirm Eric Holder.  I anxiously await GOA’s endorsement of their primary opponents this early on.

Then, he singlehandedly pushed through the massive economic bailout, the so-called stimulus bill, which contained several provisions of concern to gun owners.

This has nothing to do with guns.  Most of GOA’s arguments centered around the health care provisions of the bill, combined with their opposition HR2640, which has been documented extensively on here as total bunk.

Every time Attorney General Eric Holder opens his mouth and talks about reinstating the Clinton gun ban, gun owners know they have Arlen Specter to thank.

Along with several other highly rated GOA Senators.

Without Specter, there would be no $1 TRILLION bailout.

Really, by the time debt services and other frills of the “socialism
bill” are accounted for, the cost will be over $3 TRILLION!

I thought you were Gun Owners of America, not the National Taxpayers Union, or Americans for Prosperity.  What about the highly rated GOA representative Jason Altmire, who has an A-.  What about highly rated Congressman Dan Boren, also with an A-.  They voted for the Porkulus too.  Shall I go to the Senate?  You have to decide what your issue is.  If it’s conservatism, you should change your name and rate many of these representatives lower than they are rated.

Please help Gun Owners of America make this Specter’s last term in office by supporting Pat Toomey for Senate at: http://www.toomeyforsenate.com/contribute

What if A- rated Gerlach decides to run in the primary, because he’s apparently thinking about it.  Do you want to endorse an A vs. A- candidate?  What if Gerlach wins?

Rep. Toomey was “A” rated by Gun Owners of America during his time in Congress.

So were many others who voted the same way as Arlen Specter has.  Why single him out?  I have an answer.  GOA knows NRA is likely to stand by Specter as long as Specter keeps voting the right way on guns.  They know that will upset a lot of the faithful who hate Specter on issues that are not related to guns.  They are hoping to capitalize on that.  I can’t think of what else it could be.

Many GOA supporters were quick to lambast Bob Barr on his vote for the Lautenberg Amendment, probably won’t give Arlen Specter much credit for voting against it.  But who I am I to get in the way of a joke of a pro-gun organization trying to promote themselves.

Test by Instalanche

Finally got the server tested out under a full blown Instalanche, which beats any load testing you can do.   I’ve received a few links from Instapundit since I got the new server, but never at a peak traffic moment.  This morning I noticed my server was running a bit slow, and sure enough, there was a lot of traffic coming in from Glenn.   My current settings were a bit too generous, and caused a lot of swapping, which is lethal to LAMP server under high load.   Scaling my max clients back a bit solved that problem, and we seem to be holding up to the worst that Prof. Reynolds can throw at me.   Not bad for a 300 dollar server!

Oink! Oink! Bang! Bang!

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution says that gun violence is more serious than the swine flu.  Let’s see here, gun violence kills about 14,000 people a year.  During a typical flu season, it’s estimated that 30,000 – 50,000 people die from flu.  Models of a pandemic flu strain show deaths in the range of anywhere from 209,000 to 1.9 million.

That’s a considerably larger potential problem space than gun violence.  If the Atlanta-Journal and Constitution wants to shill for the Brady Campaign, they can at least do a little research.

Celebrating the First 100 Days

For your amusement, Jim Geraghty has posted a list of at least 16 promises from Obama that have expired within his first 100 days. (For you non-mathy readers, that’s an average of one broken promise every 6 days.)

Jim notes that once his readers find the post, he will no doubt receive many more submissions. I’ll be curious to see if he can get 100 broken promises for each of the 100 days in office.

Winter Match Results

I have the winter Kalashnikov/SKS match results up over at our little informal gun blog rifle league.  I shot the smallbore match, but I’ll be damned if I can find my target.  What a shame too, because I got a perfect 100, and beat you all.  If you believe that, I have a Senate seat in Illinois to sell you.

I’ll try to get the spring match up before the weekend starts.  It’ll be a 500 point open sight match.  I’ll make the closing date the end of June, just so it doesn’t end on an oddball date.  That gives everyone two months to shoot it.   Thanks to everyone who took the time, and braved the weather, to shoot the winter match.

Democrats Clearing the Field for Specter

Via Grassroots PA, it looks like they are clearing the way for Specter on the Democratic side.  State Representative Josh Shapiro is ruling out running now, and so is Allyson Schwartz.  Grassroots PA also reports Sestak isn’t rulling out a primary challenge, and Sestak is a big enough asshole to do it.  Apparently Torsella is also staying in.

If Specter is too progressive for Pennsylvania Republicans, he’s probably too conservative for a lot of Democratic primary voters.  I would be surprised if Specter doesn’t face anyone in the primary, but we’ll see.  The Democratic Party seems to be getting behind Specter, so anyone who does run won’t likely have the backing of the party leadership.

There’s a lot of speculation that Specter can’t really be trusted on the gun issue, because of his betrayal of the Republican Party and of conservatism.  It’s certainly a possibility he’ll abandon his positions on guns, but I don’t think it’s likely.  One mistake folks should not make when it comes to politicians, is believing they have any loyalty to anything beyond keeping their seats.

From that point of view, Specter’s move is perfectly rational.  Polling is making it abundantly clear he can’t survive politically in Pennsylvania as a Republican.  He could have waited to see whether that changed, but switching parties late in the game wouldn’t give him any time to build support among Democrats, and to raise money through those circles.  When viewed through the lens of “What do I need to do to stay in office,” switching parties was really the only choice, and now is probably the right time.

The question for Specter is whether he views his record on guns as an asset, or a liability.  If Specter faces a serious primary challenger from the left, he might view it as a liability.  If I were Specter, I would look at it this way: his NRA endorsement is the one asset that he can take with him across the aisle.

But wait?  Republicans will never vote for him whether he carries an NRA endorsement or not!  True, but Pennsylvania is not generally a red state.  It’s a blue state, generally pro-gun, and it’s worthwhile noting that Specter has never been a conservative and has always had a lot of support among Democrats, and many of those Democrats appreciate his stance on the Second Amendment.  Pennsylvania has a lot of A rated pro-gun Democrats.  The last thing Arlen Specter will want is to tempt those Democratic voters to cross the aisle and vote for his opponent.

If I had to put money on it, I’d bet Specter stays good on guns.  It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been wrong if he doesn’t, but this also isn’t New York.  Specter’s party switch is a cold political calculation aimed at keeping his seat, and in that case, the same calculation should also make him want to keep his endorsement.

Look Who’s Teaching

We have the video from the interview with Cam last night.  I am still speechless.  A high school teacher who doesn’t realize that federal law applies to the whole country, including New York.  A high school teacher who took what New Yorkers Against Gun Violence said about the law at face value, and who pretty clearly hasn’t researched the topic at all.  This is what’s teaching the next generation?  God help us.

Click below to see the video, it is in three parts:

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