A Match for Cold Occasions (Winter Gun Blog Rifle Match)

Unfortunately, I did not manage to get a fall gun blog rifle match up, due to the elections, and then having to get caught up on crap after the election.  But for the Winter Match, I have made a 50 yard Kalashnikov and SKS match, and for the small bore match, I have brought it to indoor ranges, and made it an offhand only match.

If you would like to test your shooting skills against some other bloggers, this is for you.  Since you can shoot the small bore match at most indoor ranges, I’m happy to get a lot of participants for that.  If you have a Kalashnikov or SKS, you can also participate in that too, and if you have an indoor range that will allow 50 yard three position (NRA range in Fairfax, VA comes to mind) feel free to use it to shoot this match.  I will envy you, as I will have to shoot it outside in the cold.

I think it would be cool to offer a prize for this match, for the best picture taken of a competitor shooting under winter conditions.  I will only ask that you take a picture of yourself shooting in said wintry conditions, and then a picture of you and your target in said wintry conditions so I know you’re not cheating :)  We will hold a vote here for the best.  I will also put “They all suck” as a category, and if that wins, no one gets the prize.  I will offer a 25 dollar gift certificate to MidwayUSA to the winner, if there’s a winner.  If you’re shooting the match indoors, you can’t qualify, unless you have a particularly sucky indoor range.  You can qualify with the small bore match if you shoot it outside in horrid conditions.  If you win the match, you just get bragging rights, but if you shoot the match under horrid winter conditions, hell, that’s worth a 25 dollar certificate.  There’s still an opprotunity for those in moderate climates to win if you get creative :)

7 thoughts on “A Match for Cold Occasions (Winter Gun Blog Rifle Match)”

  1. This contest discriminates against those of us who live in Florida, where it is beautiful all year round :)

    I’m still gonna break out my SKS which hasn’t seen any action in months.

  2. Thanks for running this.

    I don’t know if I’ve got an insert big enough (or can open the iris up big enough) to see the edge of the black A23 at 25 yards. Hmmm… maybe a post will work better, I think I’ve got a couple of post inserts somewhere or other.

  3. Yeah… I plan on using a post insert for my rifle for this one. I figured I’d bring it in though, to give people who only have access to indoor ranges a chance. I thought about using an airgun 10 meter target, but figured it’ll still be difficult enough offhand I shouldn’t have too many perfect scores.

  4. There is a 25 yard target (75 ft indoor), but I just wanted to point out the big aiming black. Since you already considered it and decided not to worry about it, excellent. (and one target makes life easier) Now I just have to be able to feel my trigger finger. It’s a wee bit cold out there. Also, if you end up down here while the match is going on, the offer of the use of an Anschutz still stands.

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