Airport Showdown

Apparently the Atlanta Airport has decided it’s above the new law passed by the Georgia Legislature, and signed into law by Governor Perdue.  One of the reps who was behind the whole effort was Tim Bearden:

“I have a permit, and I have family I have to pick up at the airport tomorrow [Tuesday],” Bearden told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday. “I’ll have one [a concealed weapon] with me at all times.”

Airport General Manager Ben DeCosta said if Bearden shows up at the world’s busiest airport with a gun, he’ll be busted.

“I can identify him, and I’ll have him arrested,” DeCosta said Monday. “We’re not fooling around. This is a post-terrorism environment.”

Mr. DeCosta is setting himself up for a Section 1983 suit in federal court.  If I were Representative Bearden, I wouldn’t hesitate to sue this arrogant power hungry SOB into next week.  It seems to me that tyranny doesn’t have that much sense these days, which is good for us.

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  1. Okay, uh, so here’s my question (one posed by a commentor on the linked story): if the weapon is concealed, then how could DeCosta justify even arresting Bearden? We all know the case will fall on its face due to its lack of merit against the new law, but what about the arrest itself?

    I don’t know about Georgia, but I know LEO’s in Texas can’t just go around picking on people who have CHL’s.


  2. Well, we’re in a damned post terrorism environment”… Excuse me if I didn’t know we were past terrorism. Or does he mean after terrorism…like terrorism occurred and how we are in the shadow of that. Because, if that’s the case I’m pretty sure we’ve been in a “post terrorism environment” for thousands of years. This guy just wants to flex a little muscle that he doesn’t really have. Scary.

  3. Yeah, we [GeorgiaCarry.Org] are just going to sue the city of Atlanta, Shirley Franklin and Decosta. It is sad, but expected.

  4. In Texas at least (don’t know about Georgia but it may be similar) the “secure area of an airport” is one of the places your state-issued CHL is NOT valid. If the “threat level” is put at “Red”, the whole airport becomes a “secured area” and you can’t go anywhere near it with your concealed handgun. Yes, it’s arbitrary, and probably stupid, but that’s the law. You could carry if you stayed behind the security checkpoint in the ticket counter area rather than waiting for your family at the gate. But if you attempt to pass through the security checkpoint with your concealed handgun, you will be arrested by airport police, CHL or no CHL.

    In an airport there are a reasonable number of airport police patrolling the concourse at any given time. I would probably just leave my carry piece in the trunk of my car or glove box.

  5. Gee, I always carry in the public areas, outside of ‘secure’ areas, of DFW and Love Field. In a real State, my CHL addresses this as a legal carry location.


  6. Here in Austin, I can’t even eat at the very good BBQ joint in the terminal anymore, because it is behind the security barriers – only ticketed fliers can access the concourse leading to gates. So while I could carry in the ticketing section of the airport, or the baggage claim, the concourse leading to the planes is off limits.

  7. Post-terrorism is the new “for the children” which was the old “drug war” excuse for overturning the Bill of Rights.

    Using one excuse or another they have just about gotten it done.

  8. Good one, Robert. And don’t forget “to save the planet”, which is the ultimate excuse. What could be a more immediate and overriding concern than saving the whole planet from destruction? The children, the drugs, the puppies, the whales, the baby seals, and even the cuddly little polar bears all go up in smoke if you don’t relenquish your liberty and property.

    JJR, Bearden never said he was going into the secured area. Only criminals can get in there with guns.

  9. Hmm…if Representative Bearden can be identified, why the need to arrest him?

    Surely there’d be no issues with a public figure like a legislator being confused with a terrorist, right?

    (There’s no reason why *any* law-abiding citizen should be prohibited from carrying arms outside of the secured area of the airport. After all, that’s the very purpose of the secured and non-secured areas, right?)

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