Letter to Senator Specter

I can’t tell you how angry I am at this stimulus passing, and the double cross from Arlen Specter was just the icing on the cake.  He’ll be hard pressed for getting me to vote for him.  Like, he better vote against an assault weapons ban or something.  I will definitely support any primary challenger against Specter.

Dear Senator Specter,

I have been a long time supporter of yours since I started voting at eighteen years of age.  I can’t tell you how disappointed I am that you broke with your fellow Republicans and voted for this wasteful, and pork laden “stimulus” bill, that is basically a decades old wish list of Democratic Party spending that will do little to help fix our economic situation.

I can not stomach the thought of passing off a bill this large to future generations, when our government was already too much in debt.  I have to admit, I will have a difficult time justifying supporting you in 2010.  If I’m going to vote for a Senator who votes like a Democrat, I might as well just vote for a Democrat.  At least I’ll know what to expect.


[Someone Who’s Voted For You But Never Enjoyed It]

Specter is the poster boy for lesser of two evils, and he’s consistently been.  The Democrats tend to run far left candidates against him, because he does well among moderate Democrats.  If polling is to be believed, Democrats like him better than Republicans.  That’s hardly surprising.  He’s consistently won my vote by being less stomach turning than the other guy.  I’d say he’s not going to do it again, but if I had a dime for every time I’ve sworn off voting for Arlen Specter I’d be a rich man.

7 thoughts on “Letter to Senator Specter”

  1. Pat Toomey going for PA Governor explains all you need to know why Specter felt he could let his inner-liberal out.


    “For Specter not to have to worry about a primary challenge could also have important consequences for his behavior in the U.S. Senate. As I explained last week, Specter is moderate enough that he could be expected to provide Democrats the crucial 60th vote on tough roll calls; but it looked like Specter would have to prove his conservative bona fides to prepare himself for a run against Toomey. That is now no longer the case, and Specter no longer has to worry about his votes hurting his support among conservative activists (unless he goes so far to the center that he loses them for the general election, but Specter isn’t that much of a maverick).”

  2. Maybe Lynn Swan will want to challenge ol’ Arlene. Although, he may have lost the campaigning bug with his prior tries.

  3. The one most notable sentence, “He’s consistently won my vote by being less stomach turning than the other guy.” unfortunately sums up what we, as citizens, have been dealing with for too many years. If only a true representative, and not a politician, would run for office, our country would be much better off.

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