Reloads and Backup Guns

Brillianter looks at the subject.  I’ve generally only carried an extra magazine in Winter, when they can be easily concealed.  I carry a Glock 19, which has 15 rounds, and figure that should be enough to get through most self-defense scenarios.  In summer, when I carry the Kel-Tec much more than the Glock, I do usually carry one extra magazine in the pocket.  Ideally you’d carry all the same equipment as a police officer, but for civilians that’s not usually possible to do, and remain comfortable, and discreet.  Go have a read.  You can’t possibly carrying everything, but I like Brillianter’s strategy of thinking about what expands your options and capability, and to what degree, and using that information to decide what tradeoffs to make.

7 thoughts on “Reloads and Backup Guns”

  1. Both my wife and I generally carry G30’s. Occasionally I might carry a G21.

    If we’re feeling really worried, we might carry both (although we’d probably not go wherever it was, in that case).

    One thing we do, however, is carry G21 mags as backup. Aside from the 3 extra rounds, it allows us to exchange magazines should it be necessary.

    I favor that in a backup weapon.

  2. I just wanted to pass along what I been using as a mag carrier. I purchased a cell phone carrier which holds a single XDM mag, or two single stack mags for my EMP. The velcro flap hides whats inside. Most people don’t think twice about a cell phone on your weak side hip. This is true even when you have a real cell phone on your strong side.

  3. “Most people don’t think twice about a cell phone on your weak side hip. This is true even when you have a real cell phone on your strong side.”

    That’s true – enough people carry two cell phones these days (one for work and one personal) that nobody really pays attention anymore.

  4. Of course, the problem is that there are certain types of jams that can be cleared only by removing the mag that’s in the gun, clearing the jam, and then…..well, if you don’t have another mag to stick back in the gun, you’ve got a lousy club.

  5. I carry a spare mag because most common malfs in semi-automatic pistols can be reduced by swapping mags.

  6. Once you have decided to stop using the numbers game to account for your safety like a salmon, it isn’t really a stretch to carry a second gun.

  7. Hillbilly and Caleb have it right, as Brillanter did in his original posting. It is not so much about more ammo as it is about redundancy for dealing with malfunctions. To have more ammo for the sake of more ammo is just nice side effect.

    In terms of carrying and extra mag, look at the Desantis MagPackers pocket holsters.

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